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Ern Arthur, a parishioner of St Brigid’s, Glengormley and a CMS Ireland supporter, recently took to the skies, then quickly returned to ground via the most direct route, to help raise money for SD Church in Nepal. Here is what Ern had to say about the experience.

“My Christian life took a major change when I went to Nepal in 2011 on a META mission trip with CMS Ireland and my church St Brigid’s. When we were in Nepal we spent a lot of our time in the SDSS Center where God was doing great works.

I came home and told the stories to my wife, stories of the SDSS food program and one particular story of the Leprosy colony. Nepal is one of four countries in the world where Leprosy has not yet been eliminated. It can be easily cured using antibiotics, but the secondary effects can be very problematic for sufferers. I told my wife how some of the people in Nepal had lost their fingers, toes and parts of their faces. She decided then that she had to raise funds for the SDSS church. From her inspiration, I decided that I also had to do more.

Hearing that one person in my church was doing a paragliding jump, I decided to do the same. In the end, the 29th July saw six of us from St Brigid’s jumping from a plane at the ‘Moonjumper’ center in Coleraine. We had to raise £350 to do the jump and £150 of this would go to our chosen charity.

This was our second attempt at the jump, the first put off due to poor weather. So 4 of us and 4 instructors boarded a small one-engine plane and took off. I was strapped to the front of my instructor and at 13,000 feet the door was opened. My heart was racing at this stage, blood racing round my body, buzzing with excitement. I shimmied forward on my bum with the instructor behind me to the open door. I looked down and saw nothing but whiteness – clouds.

Then we were airborne.

I watched the plane disappear, 150 mph wind rushing in my face, it was so cold. We were floating for an age, nothing to be seen but clouds, a whiteout. As we dropped I thought this is so cool and so very cold, but the peace I felt as we plummeted to the earth just reminded me of the peace I felt in Nepal, being humbled and seeing God at work, in a most amazing way. A sharp pull and the shoot opened, free fall over we slowly drifted back to the ground.

What a rush and what a day to remember. Of course I did thank God when I made it back to ground softly!"

CMS Ireland is privileged to have faithful supporters like Ern & his Wife who actively and creatively take the initiative to make a difference. While sky diving may not be your cup of tea, CMS Ireland has many ways for our supporters to get involved.

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