Maridi Team Blog: Changing perspectives and priorities

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John Hamilton, the man behind the camera, reflects on his first visit to South Sudan. John has been assisting the Dioceses of Down & Dromore and Albany to capture the struggles of family and church life on film and bring back stories from Maridi.

On our final night here in Maridi, I find myself with some extra time for reflection. Having spent 10 days in Rwanda in August, I found it hard to adjust to life when I returned. Judging by the journey we have come through on this trip, I expect this adjustment to be much more difficult. We have encountered many life-stories and experiences, which I’m sure will take us all a long time to process and personally speaking I think there could be many things I may never get my head round. The trip has been challenging, though greatly much more rewarding. It seems strange that I will return to Belfast with far more than I left there with.

John and Annette

I feel honoured to have been so warmly welcomed into the community here in Maridi. It has been a great privilege to hear these peoples’ trials and to be entrusted with sharing them with others through video. There are faces here that reflect pain and hardship, yet their faith overflows in joy.

John doing what he does best

I have made a commitment in my mind that when I return I will not default to my old routines and self-serving patterns. This trip has changed my perspectives, my priorities and left me determined to not work to my own plans – but His.

Shukran le Rabuna!

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