Termites and toilets

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As you prepare for the Advent season and the jolly merriment and much expense of Christmas, thousands of miles away in the world’s newest country of South Sudan, Christmas has come early for some.

In Ibba there’s only one season people are currently concerned about – White Termite season. A local food delicacy white termites are gathered at this time of the year by parents and children all over the area. A frame is set up with a stand for a collection basin, at various known locations where the termites will rise from the soil. A net – usually a mosquito net – is placed over the frame and as the termites try to fly off they hit the net and fall into the collection basin – it’s as simple as that. Some may miss the basin so the children pick up the leftovers:

One of the biggest initial culture shocks for many visitors to Ibba is using the toilets. Latrines (‘long drops’), are not really very lady like. The Bishop obviously noted that this was a great inconvenience (pardon the pun) for many of the team who recently visited and decided to do something about it. So for all of you who would be keen to visit Ibba and are put off by the thought of using a latrine, what about this for a solution:

John the builder has created his own version of a ‘western’ style toilet complete with lid. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and when I asked Bishop Wilson why he did this he said that he had learned the lesson from the META team visit and wanted to make some improvements to encourage others to visit Ibba.

Now you have no excuse to visit Ibba…don’t worry I’m confident you won’t have to eat white termites…well I hope they’re not on tonight’s menu.

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