Out of the stillness and darkness

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In Ibba, South Sudan light pollution is certainly not a problem with no streetlights and the majority of homes and businesses with no electricity. The only exceptions are the few lodges and businesses, which have generators and the Ibba Diocesan guesthouse, which, thanks to the work of Billy Smyth, enjoys solar lighting.

Indeed, the words ‘The heavens declare the glory of the Lord’ come to mind as I gaze at the myriads of stars and galaxies that are visible by the naked eye, between the gathering storm clouds, in the night sky. I finally turned in for the night after enjoying the spectacular night-sky display.

Last night out of the stillness and pitch-black night came the voice of angels in the distance. I left my room and followed the harmonious singing to the grass-roofed, mud-walled Ibba St Barnabas’s Cathedral, a short walk from the Guesthouse. There gathered in the darkness, there are no lights in the Cathedral, are five youth choirs from all over the Diocese singing and dancing the night away. They have come to take part in a Choir Competition the following day to help raise awareness about next year’s Sunday School Conference to be held in the Diocese during March.

The young people laugh as I join in the dancing and literally dozens ask me, “How is Simon, there?” I reply, “Simon sends all his Ibba friends his love and greetings.” Simon Henry is the Youth Worker at St John’s Parish, Moira who visited Ibba with a team from his Parish in August. Simon had obviously left a lasting impression among the young people of Ibba Diocese.

Before I left the Cathedral, I was invited to be one of the adjudicators to judge the 4-hour competition between the five Youth Choirs the following day…that should be interesting and certainly challenging.

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