Ibba Cathedral wins XFactor

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Some months ago, it was decided to organise a Diocesan Youth Choir Competition to help promote next March’s Primary School Convention in Ibba Diocese. Saturday was the big day when, what turned out to be the four youth choirs of Central Archdeaconry, Madebe Archdeaconry, the Cathedral choir and Manikakara Archdeaconry would face each other for the sing-off.

I had been invited, the previous day, to be one of the adjudicators to judge the 4-hour competition between the four youth choirs…this should be fun. Each choir would be given 10 minutes to perform 3 original pieces, an entry song and dance, a main piece and an exit presentation. I was duly briefed that the choirs were to be scored out of 100 and judged on their singing skills, appearance, dance, music accompaniment and timing.

Let the battle begin…first up was Central Archdeaconry who unfortunately ran out of time and only performed 2 songs, next up was Madebe Archdeaconry who I marked down on appearance, dancing and music. The Cathedral youth choir were on next and they performed, danced and looked well. Finally, Manikakara Archdeaconry, the major local rivals danced out into the 5-metre dance square, marked on the ground outside the Cathedral, complete with their own 3-piece Dunga and drum band. You could literally feel the suspense in the air as they flowed and danced from one song to another. Their dancing and music was definitely superior to the others…but which choir would have that XFactor?

After a speech that seemed to take forever, the Bishop finally said the words “And the winner of the Ibba Diocese Youth Choir Competition is…” Following over one hour of presentations the four judges, including yours truly, had spent nearly 30 minutes adding up the individual scores using our mobile phones as calculators. The score sheets were then handed to me so I could calculate the first, second, third and fourth places. Before I handed the results over to the Bishop I asked each judge to sign the final score sheet to ensure we were all in agreement with the final result.

As is normal I now give you the results in reverse order, in 4th position was Central Archdeaconry, 3rd Madebe Archdeaconry, 2nd Manikakara Archdeaconry and the winner of the 2012 Ibba Diocese Youth Choir Competition is Ibba Cathedral Youth Choir led by lead singer Saba. The packed Cathedral erupted with joy and, after the winning choir sang one of its winning compositions, the Police Commander whisked them away on the back of the Police pick-up for a lap of honour around the village of Ibba.

All four judges were unanimous in deciding on Ibba Cathedral Youth Choir as the outright winners. They sang with passion, harmony and spirit, danced creatively and were impeccably kitted out.

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