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Dora is the teenage daughter of Kamiyati, one of the ladies from the Craft Project here at Kiwoko. About 1 year ago Kamiyati stopped coming along on a Wednesday to the project but would send Dora along in her place. Dora would bring what crafts Kamiyati had made that week and collect her money. She would also receive the lunch that Kamiyati was entitled to. Often when the ladies cannot make it on a particular Wednesday they send a child with their crafts and to collect their payment so we did not think too much about it. After a few months it soon became clear that Dora was pregnant.

Kamiyati is very poor. The craft project is her only source of income for a large family. On discovering her daughter was pregnant she had 2 options – to throw her out of the house for disgracing the family, or to find a way to support her daughter in her time of need. By sending Dora to the craft project every Wednesday Kamiyati clearly chose the 2nd option. This ensured that for the length of her pregnancy Dora received a large healthy meal at least once a week, she got frequent advice from the other mothers in the group and she learnt some new skills.

Dora gave birth about 3 months ago to a beautiful girl that she named Precious. The child lives up to her name. Realising that it was up to her now to provide for this child Dora approached me about work as a housekeeper. As it happens Scovia, who looks after our Guest House for students on their medical elective, was due to give birth in just a few weeks and we had yet to find someone to cover her maternity leave.

So last week Dora started working in our Guest House and seems to be loving it. And it was also delightful to have Kamiyati come back to our group last Wednesday with the proud grin of a grandmother, baby Precious strapped to her back.


julia said Tue, 27 Nov 2012 02:03PM
Praise God for a good outcome! In't it wondereful that God uses all aspects of the hospital, not just the medical side, to help people.
Anubha said Wed, 28 Nov 2012 12:38AM
This is such a lovely story. Looking forward to meeting Dora the next time I'm there!
Tammi said Wed, 28 Nov 2012 04:20PM
Thanks so much for this Tanya. As we are beginning to turn our attention to Jesus as a precious baby it was lovely to think about your Precious and see how God had used Kamiyati and the craft project to bless her and her mum. Much love to you and Paul from all of us here. x
Ivy said Thu, 20 Dec 2012 06:14PM
Happy Christmas Paul and Tanya, it has been great reading your blogs thorough out the year. May God continue to bless all you do for Him in 2013. Love and prayes from Dan & Ivy x

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