Term’s finished; Cyrille and Annick back in Burundi

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Term at All Nations finished on Sat 1st December. I love all the different parts of College life: the studies, tutor group, corporate worship, discussing contemporary issues in mission, new friendships, prayer triplet, the beautiful setting, meeting amazing people, not to mention my church and counselling placements. I had not anticipated however quite how full-on College life would be – for the past few weeks I was reading and writing essays till midnight most nights. I was exhausted! I have done an extra module this term which I won’t do next term so am hoping it’ll be slightly less intense then.

Cyrille and Annick returned to Burundi on Mon 3rd. It has been a joy having them in London but I definitely breathed a sigh of relief to see Annick leave looking so much better than when she came. Annick’s Cardiologist had said there was no reason why she could not return to Burundi and continue her recovery there. She will probably need a replacement heart valve in 5-10 years’ time which is the time the balloon inserted into her valve should last. Pray it will be 10 years and that God will increase her health and fitness and help both her and Cyrille to keep trusting in our God who miraculously enabled the surgery in the UK to still meet their needs.

Just until the beginning of January, whilst I don’t have a room at All Nations, I’ve been given use of a lovely little house in Hertfordshire, owned by a mission trust. It means I can host a few friends and some family – it’s a real contrast to the rest of my time in the UK: living in a study bedroom or staying all over the place.

Mostly I’m working, trying to catch up on admin, and some work for Harvest. I am taking holiday (visiting a dear friend 10th-17th Dec) and between Christmas and New Year. Please would you pray that I would have times of refreshing with the Lord.

Abel and the trauma healing programme in Burundi

Abel continues to do really well with the trauma healing programme in Burundi. He has managed for the last 3 months without me or Cyrille alongside him though he is very relieved that Cyrille is now back!

I had a good chat with Abel this week (we speak more or less fortnightly). He was working on the 2013 trauma healing programme. Onesphore has asked us to aim to go to every remaining Province (county) and commune (borough) in Bujumbura in the next 2 years or so and then to go back to each Harvest Club and train all their members for using the trauma healing ministry as they reach out. We have planned training in Rutana for April when I will be in Burundi. Not so long now.

Abel has finished his thesis and awaits the time for presenting it. Like me, he is very tired, so pray he will get good rest this Christmas.

Thank you so much for all your support in prayer, friendship and financially during 2012. I so appreciate it. Happy Christmas.

Prayer Points

- Praise for this first term at All Nations – for all I’ve learnt, time to reflect and for precious fellowship.

- For God’s deep refreshment and time to hear Him during the break from College; that I manage to catch up on outstanding admin and for good times seeing friends and family. Pray I can relax and enjoy the times without fearing that time is going to run out too quickly with my return to Burundi in sight.

- For Annick’s continued recovery and healing.

- For the Holy Spirit to anoint the 2013 Trauma Healing Programme and to use it to bring deep healing.

Here’s Alison’s October Prayer Letter, which gives a bit of background to some of the things she mentions above.

Prayer letter 18 October 2012

‘He brought me out into a spacious place’ (Ps 18:19)

Greetings from All Nations Christian College. I’ve already been here for 4 weeks! My days are so full which is why I haven’t sent this newsletter sooner.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s written to me recently. I am trying to focus on my studies during term time so am quite behind in replying to emails. I do read them all. If you need a response to an email you sent me please feel free to re-send it to remind me. Apologies if that applies.

I thought we’d be kept busy here but I hadn’t expected quite the intensity of the programme we have. I’m doing the diploma year of the degree in theology and intercultural studies. On top of lectures all morning Mon – Fri, we have loads of other aspects to life here from a church placement, daily chores, prayer meetings, tutor groups, practical courses, big reading lists, assignments and much more (I also have some Burundi commitments, have been coordinating Cyrille and Annick’s visit and helping with a Transformed Lives, inner healing course). Last week I submitted a 3 part essay on the spread of the Gospel in Acts and gave a 3 minute assessed mini preach – 3 mins’ talk with 15 mins’ critique!

It’s fantastic being here for many reasons – the excellent input, fellowship, time to reflect and seek God, being in a beautiful place, opportunities for ministry and so much more. I am so grateful to God and all those who support me who have enabled it to happen. I will share updates throughout the year on my time here including more about my church placement in Hackney.

Abel continues his great work in Burundi with the trauma healing programme, without Cyrille or me around. I speak to him most weeks. He recently lead training for church leaders in Rumonge in which the leaders were greatly enthused for this ministry, testifying to God helping them through their own forgiveness, reconciliation etc. They asked for more training! Abel also did a follow-up in Kamenge where they too asked for more training. So we need to seek God’s guidance for next year!

Currently Abel and 11 other Harvest members are attending a Flame 12 day school, hosted by the Anglican Church in Bujumbura.

Annick’s successful heart surgery

Annick, Cyrille and I can hardly praise Jesus enough for the amazing answers to prayer that have happened for Annick. Annick had her mitral valvulotomy at Kings College Hospital, London, on 9th Oct and is now recovering well from her surgery. She can already breathe much better than before and can climb stairs with ease – previously it was a huge struggle. She has had an infection in her wound (in her leg – thankfully it was ‘key hole’ style surgery) but she has antibiotics and it is improving fast. We are waiting for her follow-up appt. with her Consultant to know when she can return to Burundi which we expect will be after ~ 1 month.

My friends who’ve been hosting them have been extraordinarily generous in their hospitality. The Body of Christ has really come together in a beautiful way for them. Even the Consultant at Annick’s initial appt. said it was really rather incredible how everything had worked out! Many thanks for praying for their arrival day plus the surgery. Everything happened according to plan with 7 assessments all in one stint at Kings and I made it to Belfast that pm! Cyrille’s being a big blessing preaching and sharing in different churches.

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