Domino Mission

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CMS Ireland recently held its Annual Celebration event, IMPACT, in Knockbreda Parish Halls. The event offers a chance for friends and supporters to reflect on the work of the Society over the past year and to give thanks for the lives and communities that God has transformed through mission.

This year’s event included stories from three individuals who had each taken part in a Mission Experience Team Abroad (META) in recent months and had been deeply impacted by their engagement with the Church in South Sudan. There were also contributions from Tania Baker at Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda and from CMS Ireland’s Staff Chaplain, Rev Adrian Dorrian, who shared something of his own journey in mission, which started as a child, taking part in the CMS Ireland Annual Project. He encouraged those present to “grasp the opportunities that CMS Ireland provides to get involved and see God at work.”

Mission Director Ronnie Briggs shared some reflections from the book of Acts and from the Church in Nepal, issuing the challenge to “keep passing on what God is doing in our lives.”

Throughout the evening, there was a strong emphasis on dominoes (the game, not the pizzas). Those present were asked to consider what we, as those engaged in God’s work of mission, could learn from the humble domino. The following suggestions were given, with the help of some video material:

~ Dominoes aren’t made to sit in a box on the shelf. They’re designed for action.
~ Dominoes don’t work on their own – they’re supposed to interact with others.
~ As dominoes are impacted they pass it on to others – the domino effect.
~ The domino effect only works when each domino is in the right place, next to others.
~ Dominoes are capable of having an impact that is significantly bigger than they are.

At the end of the evening, dominoes were used as a prompt for prayer for each other and for our Partners, before being gathered in for a special Christmas domino rally at next week’s Christmas Drop-in (taking place on Wednesday 19th December in our Belfast offices).

IMPACT 2013 is due to take place on Friday 29th November.

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