News from June 2012

Bishop Mouneer reflects on Egypt's New President


Over the past week, many of you will have been following events in Egypt, where the country’s first Islamist President was elected just days after the ruling military council dissolved parliament. These are momentous, if uncertain, times for Egypt and for the many Christians who live and worship there.

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Keep calm and fix the ambulance


Paul provides an insight into his role as a medical engineer in Uganda – by offering us a dramatic day in the life of Kiwoko’s ambulance.

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Ipalo Team supporters meet to pray and plan


On Monday evening, a group of Parishioners from St. Columba’s met to discuss the next part of the journey of their partnership link with the Diocese of Northern Zambia.

Leading the evening were Curate & team leader Revd Robert Ferris and David Gough, CMS Ireland’s Partnership Co-ordinator for Zambia. The evening centred around the question as to what parishioners could do whilst the team was out in Zambia later this summer.

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Seasons come and go


In Madi West Nile, Mango season is over now, so Arua’s ‘Mango Ward’ will once again become ‘Senke Ward’. Senke is the main manufacturer of the bodo bodas (motorcycle taxis) that are involved in so many accidents here – hence the local name of the surgical ward. But the last couple of months saw a surge in patients from a different type of accident – falling out of Mango trees!

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No Ceiling to Hope


This Saturday evening, 23rd June, sees a special event in Willowfield Parish, Belfast, hosted by the Good Book Shop. Patrick Reagan will be launching his new book ‘No Ceiling to Hope: Dangerous Stories of Grace in Action’. The book highlights examples of simple projects around the world – including Belfast – that see the church offering hope and transformation to their local communities. CMS Ireland will be at the event and we’d encourage others to come along and be challenged and inspired by Patrick’s stories and this call to action.

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The rollers are now rolling

The first day of work on St Paul’s Imberikani is complete and by all accounts it can be regarded as a success.

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Getting Closer


A META (Mission Experience Team Abroad) from St Paul’s, Lisburn prepares to travel to Kenya to develop their partnership with Kajiado Diocese and help add the finishing touches to a new church.

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