Mirror, mirror on the wall

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Late Thursday afternoon John Spens drove five of the Connor team into Yei town to visit some shops and the local market. John and Poppy had just arrive earlier that day and had invited the team over for an afternoon cuppa.

John had been given a shopping list from Poppy but Sam had also been asked to buy something for one of the members who had stayed behind. Anyway…when we stopped in town we split up into two groups to see who first purchase the item requested.

When finally the two groups met up in the market, it transpired that both groups had been successful with their task. Sam, Stephen and I proudly showed the others our purchase and boasted that we had only paid 6 Sudan Pounds for it, but they were not impressed. Bishop Alan retorted that he had bargained the seller down from 25 Sudan Pounds to only 10 and their purchase was four times the size of ours! But he failed to reveal that their purchase had a slight defect!

Later that evening after supper we decided to make an official presentation to the purchaser. The suspense over dinner was racked up and Andrew, who had asked Sam if he would purchase a mirror for him was not sure what to expect. When Bishop Alan proudly presented him with his new mirror we all had a laugh at Andrew’s reaction as he discovered that although it was sizable mirror it was not only cracked there was large piece if the corner missing! Good bargaining, Bishop Alan!

I hope you note I never asked the question…who is the fairest of them all?

[David Gough]


Raymond Fox said Fri, 18 Jan 2013 07:09PM
Great to see you are all in one piece. Blessings on all ur input and the graceful renewing of former relationships and the building of new

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