Bishop Alan upbeat about Yei visit

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Every time Bishop Alan has attended a service or a training session in Yei he’s been very keen to encourage the people to sing…what he calls ‘hot songs’! He’s encouraged the team to learn new, local language, Sudanese worship songs as well as teach the local some of our worship songs.

We’ve even taught the Clergy Trainees Jesus we Adore You, in 3-part harmony! As you can see the Bishop was keen to play the bongos as the Mothers’ Union ladies sang acapello. When we asked for a translation of what they sang, we were told it meant something like…“the Bishop had travelled from thousands of miles away to visit Yei and chase the devil and evil away.”

As Bishop Alan mentioned in his blog on Friday, this Connor Yei team is truly one that has fitted together like a Diocesan Jigsaw and one where we’ve all been stretched, challenged, inspired, humbled and indeed wonderfully blessed.

In one way we may be described as a motley crew, many of whom had not worked together before. But it’s also a team of great talent and spontaneity. A team that has supported and backed each other up and worked really well together. A team that has really been upbeat about what they’ve seen, what they’ve done, who they’ve met and worshiped with in Yei.

[David Gough]

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