Snakes in the house, snails in the garden and stealing in church.

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It would appear that lent is nearly finished.

We enjoyed Palm Sunday worship at church today. Gideon and I cut a few banana leaves to wave and headed for church. (Mum carried the bible, juice and guitar.) En route to church it became apparent that we had made a miscalculation, and everybody else appeared to have obtained more palm-like branches. Thankfully they saw our situation and several people leaving the previous service donated theirs to us – though Gideon wasn’t so impressed and kept his self-cut banana leaf! During many of the songs, things degenerated with humorous abandon into a wave your palm frond free for all. It’s the best singing we’ve had at St John’s in months!

The parish priest’s sons were sitting beside us. When one of them went out with Gideon for a pee, he took the opportunity to reach through the open window at the sanctuary to make off with an 8-foot palm frond decorating the front of the church and was soon waving it dangerously and proudly beside us. No one from the Mothers’ Union seemed to be upset at the desecration of their decorative efforts.

The rains are really here now and everybody is busily digging and planting crops. Denise planted her onions and carrots last week so at least we can look forward to some carrot and onion soup to see us through the dry season. This morning before church Gideon and I cleared the front bed at home and planted our lettuce and rocket. In the process we found a huge snail bigger than Gideon’s hand! It was good to find it before it singlehandedly enjoyed the season’s lettuce! Perhaps that is why the basil and coriander did so badly last season?

One problem about the rains is that everything gets wet. That may be the point of rain – but if your roof leaks (like most people round here) then everything from flour to school books, to medical papers gets mushy and useless. Also creatures living in holes get washed out – and come out to play or cause havoc. Two snakes have met their end with my panga this week. Gideon has been explained to that snakes are not to be played with – but his manner of saying that he understands does not yet give his father confidence that the education is complete – somewhat reminiscent of initial terrorist promises on disarming a decade ago.

Hope that your Holy week isn’t too bothered with snakes, snails or palm frond theft.


jill hope said Sat, 30 Mar 2013 02:44PM
thank you for taking the time to tell us all about your life. you are all in my prayers. god bless

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