Peace in the darkness

Img_4014 Posted by David Gough on Sat, 11 May 2013 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

The reading for Morning Prayer on Thursday included the verse from Isaiah 52: ‘How lovely on the mountains, are the feet of him who brings good news – proclaiming peace.’

As I had originally set out from Coalisland to meet the people of the Congo, I had hoped to be part of the good news of peace. So it was appropriate and encouraging to read Isaiah 52, as on Thursday we set out on the road from Kasongo back to Kindu, visiting rural parishes in predominantly Muslim areas. We needed peace in the vehicle as it slid and veered through deep mud and was navigated over log bridges. We needed peace as we got stuck in the mud with 150 miles and deep forest between us and our final destination. We needed peace in the darkness as we crossed the Congo River in a dug out canoe.

At each visit to the parishes, greeted by children without shoes, and led into churches without roofs, we were given the gift of peace in the warmth of the welcomes and the joy of the singing. This was ‘good news’, being part of a global family, receiving love and generosity. The lovely feet are not just in the mountains, but in the forests of Maniema too.

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