Our daily bread...

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No matter where I travel overseas to visit partners, there are two things that never disappoint; the warmth and genuineness of the welcome and the delicious banquets I am served up.

Our visit to Kindu Diocese was no different, everywhere we went we were greeted by welcome songs and music and without fail invited for the customary ‘cuppa tea’. This was in fact always much more than the cuppa we’d be served at home maybe with a tray bake. It usually consisted of rice, foo-foo, sometimes even potatoes, cassava leaves, cooked bananas and usually chicken, fish or meat with soup (what we call gravy or sauce).

Three times each day as the Bishop’s wife Naomi brought us our meals she would say the same thing as she uncovered the serving dishes. She simply said, bq.Every day rice…our daily bread.bq. Me being me, as we became more at home in the Bishop’s home, I would make fun of the lifting the lids of the serving dishes routine by saying bq.Please don’t tell me we’re having rice again.bq. Naomi would respond by simply smiling and saying, “Every day rice…our daily bread.bq.

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