What's in a name?

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During the introductions to a session which Andrew delivered to Diocesan staff and Pastors on ‘Forgiveness’, we discovered that all of the participants had a European name, as well as their family name. So for example Pastor Lusenge Kapeppa’s name is John and Masoud, the Archdeacon of Kindu, is called Paul.

Andrew suggested, “As you all have European names we should be given Congolese names.” We invited them to suggest what names to christen us. A number of people responded immediately by suggesting that Andrew’s name should be LUTUNDO. Andrew of course asked him what it meant, the Bishop replied smiling, “In local Maniema dialect, Lutundo means loved.”

“So what name should I have then,” I responded, “Your name should be MUKULUMANIA”, several of the Pastors replied. “That’s a mouthful!” I retorted. The Bishop broadened his smile and replied, “Mukulumania In our local Congolese dialect means, a bringing together.” As we queried him more he concluded that the name had a similar meaning to reconciler or mediator. We certainly each have a Congolese name that will be very hard to live up to.

On the final morning of our nine days in Kindu Diocese, the staff gathered for our farewell and to present us with some gifts to remind us of our visit. We were each given an oil painting of the Congo River and then two large-patterned African style shirts were revealed. But the wonderful thing was that they had our Congolese names embroidered onto the inside of the front tail of the shirts.


Kennedy Wandera said Wed, 14 Aug 2013 09:57AM
Mr Gough, I now believe you have a new name christened on you! That shows how passionate people are about your work.They would wish to be associated with you every time However, I thank God for giving you energy to reach out to forgotten men & women of God seeking your support. Viva Viva CMS Ireland!

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