48 desks and lots of memories

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Friday was our last day at UDP in Kayole. We had an amazing week out there working in the Primary school – sanding, undercoating and painting desks. To start with it seemed such an insignificant thing to be doing, but as the week progressed and the classrooms were transformed by brightly coloured ‘Wedgewood’ blue desks, I had the impression that what we were saying was that people care about the children in Kayole, and even their school environment is important.

The children are just like children the world over – some sweet and angelic, some more ‘streetwise’! All were polite and respectful and welcomed us warmly. On our first day, there seemed to be an epidemic of weak bladders as the children, intrigued by another lot of strangers, wore a path to the loo and back with monotonous regularity! The Head Teacher, John, and his team are doing a wonderful job in somewhat challenging situations and

We gathered momentum as the week progressed and each day we arrived, Anthony (our taskmaster!) had left out the day’s quota of desks to be painted. We didn’t disappoint – indeed we rose to the challenge. Our grand total for the week was 48 desks and 4 forms sanded, undercoated and glossed! Not bad if we say so ourselves! Not so pole pole! We were sad to leave Kayole and felt we were leaving behind good friends – Louise, Lucy, Anthony, Eric, Zak,
Sheila, Martin (our cook) and John the Head Teacher.

We’ve spent the weekend back in Kajiado and it’s been good to have all 18 team members reunited. We’ve been getting reacquainted and swopping stories and experiences.

So what does the future hold for Team Uhusiano, Kenya 2013? Only God knows that, but each of us has added to our experience in the last two and a half weeks. Some may return to Kenya or another country to pursue further missionary work, others may never undertake another such trip. Some of us may realise that our mission field is nearer home, maybe even on our own

We thank God for this opportunity and pray that we may honour Him as we move to the next experiences in our lives.

Bwana Asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)

Elizabeth, Roberta, Tommy, Elaine, George and Carolyn.

Uhusiano 2013

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Antony Njoroge said Fri, 16 Aug 2013 11:40AM
Blessings. It such a joy to serve with the team and not only to do the physical work but as noted make friends and commune together. we shall be forever grateful.Both teams did a marvelous job of transformation. asanteni Antony

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