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Wednesday 16th October

Just a few days to go now before our ‘Acizu Tualu’ Mission Experience Team Abroad (META) team travels to Arua in Uganda. Excitement is mounting as our departure on 20th October gets closer…

Back in 2006, Bishop Ken Good challenged the Mothers’ Union in Derry and Raphoe diocese to organise a trip to Africa. Our bishop highlighted the work of the African women in the Mothers’ Union and encouraged us to become more directly involved in their lives and witness for Christ.

So now seven years later, it is about to happen! Seven of us, including our Diocesan MU President Kay Clarke, are going to be spending two weeks in Madi West Nile, a linked diocese with Derry and Raphoe. Kelly Yates, CMSI overseas facilitator, is also on the team (to make sure we get there!). In the local Ugandan dialect, we will be ‘Acizu Tualu’- journeying together with the Mothers’ Union in Arua, under the leadership of Rev. Alice.

We trust that the Lord will bless our joint venture and we value your prayers as we get ready to go in His service.


Philip said Mon, 21 Oct 2013 12:33PM
The mission carries best wishes from The Parishioners of Christ Church, in the parish of Camus Juxta Mourne, Strabane. Prayers offered up at Sunday services 20 October for the safety and successful outcome of the mission, and lots of folks hoping all the team are well.

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