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On a visit to Kuluva General Hospital -linked to the Diocese and originally founded for Leprosy patients – we found the facilities very basic and equipment dated. We will never complain about our own health services again!! This hospital provides training for nurses and midwives; the majority are male students as they are more likely to have the required education. Contrasting to this a visit to Yivu Health Centre was a very positive experience. They had just opened a new maternity unit with the staff providing a high quality service in this remote area.

At Ringili School we observed Rev. Alice teaching a class of girls about the facts of life. Uganda has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Africa and most of these girls drop out of school. There is also absenteeism every month because of a lack of affordable sanitary protection. Rev Alice showed the girls how to make their own pads from readily available materials.

A small group from the team visited Katayi Health Centre. The staff here were very traumatised as they recently lost a colleague. The head nurse had been killed in a road traffic accident. We felt our visit had been some support and comfort to the staff at this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and young family.

On a lighter note we had an interesting experience visiting the market area of Arua with its hustle and bustle. People from outlying areas were selling their home-grown produce. Brightly coloured fabrics were displayed in a maze of alleyways. The bright colours tempted us to purchase… So you may need to wear sunglasses when we appear in our new dresses!!!

Pearl & Anne

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