They love me, they love me not

Acizu_tuala Posted by Acizu Tualu on Mon, 28 Oct 2013 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

“They love me, they love me not!” As we know one of the main aims of Mothers’ Union is the care of the family, and today we saw the importance of this Uganda style. For on a visit to the Arua Hospital, it was explained to us that unless the family of the patient is prepared to stay around to take care of their family member’s every need in other words to wash, attend, change and cook for them, the medical folks weren’t prepared to treat them either.

Fortunately, many families were prepared to provide this sort of sacrificial support, hence the wards where full to over-flowing with patients, who then received a decent standard of medical care for a multiplicity of conditions, despite quite limited financial resources and equipment.

In the afternoon some of the team where invited to visit the ladies prison in Aura. Currently the prison houses 54 ladies some with children. These ladies were totally overwhelmed by the fact that women would come the whole way from Ireland to Uganda, and actually take time out to visit them, especially when practically none of their own families ever come to visit.

One of our team had the opportunity to pray for these ladies whose needs were indeed great, three of them are to have court cases this week; one older lady has been falsely accused of murder after a body had been left on her premises; another was distressed because now that her little boy has just turned two, he now has to leave the prison, still others were very aware of big events coming up in their family lives that they’re going to miss, and one very young woman, who was HIV positive is requiring an operation.

At the end of the praying both the prisoners and team members were in tears, but, praise be that we serve a God who promises that even if our mothers and fathers would forsake us He will take care of us!

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