First STEPs in Uganda

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It has been about a month now since I arrived in Uganda and so much has happened. God blessed me with a safe and pleasant flight to Uganda with no delays. The first week here I was in Jinja where my Fiancee Famke and her adopted daughter Naomi are staying for a short time. Together we visited an orphanage, children at the hospital and a Ugandan family in a small village outside of Jinja where many children live in a small house with their grandmother.

I enjoyed the fellowship of some Christians from a church in Jinja who made me feel welcome and gave me a place to stay for the week.

The journey to Arua was my first time using public transport in Uganda and it was a long journey. 13 hours using bike and bus. The bus had a blow out about half way through the trip. I arrived safely and friends welcomed me with a good meal, so too did the staff at Jericho. My first week was being reintroduced to the VTC and attending the Church General Synod where I met many of the local Church clergy and introduced to the life of the church.

This week I have been enjoying morning prayer with the Church staff and working along with Richard the VTC director. The VTC has a few projects it is currently working on, the first is redeveloping some living accommodation, the second is building dormitories for the blind at a local school and the third is a business development at the VTC for the business community to use.

My birthday was on the 21st of June. I was very blessed to have with me Famke, Naomi and friends. It was a lovely celebration.

Arua has been suffering from a drought and this has been a challenge for farming. The rains have come the past few weeks but it is not enough with much more needed for the crops to be harvested.

Please keep the projects of the VTC in your prayers and for the rains to come for the famers.


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