Listening to the Burning Bush

Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Tue, 01 Jul 2014 | 1 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Recently I read again the story of Moses at the burning bush. We all know how God told Moses that He had heard the groanings of His people and that He was now going to do something about it. Moses as an Israelite must have been rather pleased, but when he discovers that God’s plan is for Moses himself to be the person to sort out the issue he isn’t so enthusiastic. It’s a bit like a N.I.M.B.Y. – you know those situations when we agree that something is a correct solution to an important problem, but we don’t want it to directly affect us – be it constructing sewage works; accommodation for people we don’t view as desirable neighbours; power stations or new dual carriageways.

Most Christians agree that mission is a good thing, but if we’re honest, we get a bit less enthusiastic when we realise that God doesn’t just want us to applaud this great idea of His, but He wants us to actually get involved personally.

It is a great encouragement to me that so many people across the world are involved directly in the work of Kiwoko Hospital – both Christians and non-Christians. But, when I see the number of people in need – in both the developing world and in communities closer to home – it continues to surprise me that there’s such a big mismatch between those needs and the number and depth of the involvement of God’s people.

Whether it’s as our full time job or whether it’s something we do voluntarily, even for a few hours each week, we can all do more to respond to the needs God puts in front of us. So, I want to reflect and gently challenge people – just as various good friends have challenged me regarding different issues over the last few months… Are you willing to do more to be involved with God’s mission – be it in Kenya, Kiwoko or Kilcooley?

More specifically, are you open to that involvement being a full-time commitment? I certainly don’t think that people involved in full time Christian work are better people than others who can’t do so, but I do believe God calls some people into certain roles at certain times in their lives.

We have been delighted that Lisa Young has volunteered to be Gideon’s P1 teacher and we look forward to her joining us in Kiwoko in August. But what about our need at Kiwoko for a Programme’s Manager? We basically need someone with management experience who can help me in developing our Ugandan management team – investing in the hospital by investing in these people? This is something that could make a huge difference to the ongoing work of the hospital. Is there anyone prepared to take the risk – to listen to the God of the burning bush and get in touch?

Of course there are few people ‘perfectly equipped’, but neither was Moses – that seems to be the way God works. Yet Moses actually was equipped with all that he needed. Despite Moses’ self-doubt, God had been developing him for this role since he was born. Perhaps the same is true of you and you need to get out of the boat and do something fresh, or encourage some of your friends to do the same. We’d certainly be delighted to hear from you, even if it’s just to find out a bit more.

Thanks for listening…for praying…and, I hope, for responding…



Fred said Tue, 01 Jul 2014 06:27AM
Thanks For The Work You Are Doing At Kiwoko Hospital

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