Lugbara lesssons & Lightning Strike

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Hi all,

Emi ngoni? – How are you all? Ma muke. – I am OK.

Lots has happened since my last blog.

I have started lessons in Lugbara – just a few times a week to begin with. Learning simple phrases and sentence structure. I may need further lessons when we start to look at tones and how these will change the meaning of words. With the help of the staff at Jericho and my friends at the church, I’ve been able to practice and be helped with my learning.

Leading the bible study group for the first time went really well at the Cathedral. It was very blessed, there were lots of great insights and encouragement from the Scripture passage we were studying. This Saturday, as a group, we are going to have a ‘Clean up Mvara’ day and have plans to create our own garden in the grounds of the Cathedral.

There are great programmes at the Cathedral that I am enjoying: bible study, healing ministries, fellowship and worship, as well as getting to know the youth and the different needs of the community. This weekend I have been invited to the ordination of Dina Ocokoru, the sister of one of the staff called Godfrey at Jericho where I am living. 

Life at the VTC (Vocational Training College) is going well. The students are doing well with their studies and devotions have been a great way to get the know them better. Praying with them and studying the bible. Work is continuing on the new business development and coordinating with all involved to bring in a new machine for the college.

Famke, my fiancée, is still in Jinja working through the mountains of paperwork needed for Naomi’s adoption. This has been challenging but praise God that she has been receiving great support from the Christian community there, including receiving many blessings from God to deal with all the delays that the process has been having.

I, too, have been facing my own challenges, not only in making many life changes, but just the other night Jericho took a direct hit from a lightning strike. What an experience! The whole house lit up with an almighty bang and then darkness. Thank God, the missionary community here rallied around, giving me support, help and counsel.

The house inverter was destroyed and I for the most am relying on the town power now. The missionary community have been helping me by removing the damaged equipment, getting reconnected to the mains power and getting a fuel generator running, in case of times I am without power and need some way of powering the house for lights etc.

The fellowship from the all the different missionary societies here has been very helpful to me in dealing with the many challenges of making life changes, illness and crisis. It has been a huge lesson on how much I need God in times of uncertainty and concern. Turning to him more than ever in prayer and meditation.



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