Half Way Point Fast Approaching

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Hi all, I pray God’s blessing on you.

Well the half way point of this STEP is fast approaching; I have been in many meetings all looking to the future and what it may hold.

I was honoured to sit in on a board members meeting of the VTC that happens a few times a year. It was my first such meeting with the board. They were very courteous and I received a lot of insights into the VTC, it’s successes and the challenges maintaining the many different aspects of VTC life.

At the church I also attended some meetings about plans for re-development work at the old Cathedral. Proposals for a youth centre were put forward that are exciting, with areas for mentoring, fellowship and Christian learning. Planning for this is underway and the youth are praying.

This has encouraged me to pray about what God’s plans are for me when my STEP finishes. Having spiritual direction to talk through and pray to God that He will lead me after my STEP in the plans He has for me has been very helpful.

However in the darkness of the Jericho house at night this all can be challenging. The other night I spent my first night at Jericho without power for a long period of time, after the back up system was destroyed in the lightning strike. The power came on again in the early hours of the morning. It is in times like these that turning to the Bible brings comfort to another wise, strange and challenging experience.

Going to the market in Arua is slowly becoming part of my routine, in accommodating the needs of the staff at Jericho for meals as well as my own. It is very different to going to the supermarket and I have successfully gone on my own the last few times navigating the large market and many different stalls.

I will be leading two upcoming Bible study groups: the missionary men’s meeting and the youth ministry. I pray both will go well.

My family back home are doing well and I get to chat via Skype from time to time. Please keep them in your prayers as they come to terms with me being so far away. Also keep Famke and Naomi in your prayers as they continue to go through the process of Naomi’s adoption. There have been some developments, however delays continue and there is much uncertainty around how all the different systems including paperwork will come together.

Blessings in Christ!


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