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Well I survived! 16k!!!! The Kiwoko Chase! Every year the hospital run what they call a marathon, to raise awareness for the hospital, and around 150 people run or walk the 16k while the rest of the community come out to cheer everyone on! So we all gathered outside the hospital on the 30th of August at 7.30 to begin (and try and finish before the heat set in). It was a great day and it didn’t end at the end of the race, there was a prize giving, games and lots of dancing. I was happy to finish in 11th place (out of the women) winning a thermos, first prize won a mattress!

I have been here for nearly two months now (how quickly did that go!!!), my first couple of weeks in Kiwoko gave me the time to rest after what had been a busy year and a quick transition into my new job and home. However the events of the past few weeks, make it difficult to know where to begin.

Each weekday morning is spent with Gideon in the classroom. His curious attitude towards learning and investigating is still a pleasure to see and work with and keeps me on my toes. Going from teaching a class of 22 to a class of 1 comes with its own set of challenges and I am learning everyday just as I see he is. The classroom is the perfect environment for him to learn and grow, with the added advantage of amazing surroundings to stimulate his curious and bubbly personality. I am really loving this part of my job here.

Alongside teaching Gideon I have begun to teach computer studies three days a week to a group of 38 Lab students. As I was trained as a primary school teacher it was safe to say I was nervous about standing in front of a group of 18 year olds. However just like Gideon they are all so keen to learn. I will never forget that first day taking them into the computer suite and knowing that it was some of their first times using a computer. I quickly realised how much I took for granted when I said ‘Go on ahead turn it on’ and they all stared at me. This role has been a real learning curve for me, as I have had to teach a skill that was second nature to me growing up. The students have all settled well into the class and I am growing in confidence when standing in front of them.

‘Doing life together’ is a phrase we use all the time in church and was something I very much wanted with my Ugandan family. I was very blessed while at university to be part of a church that were faithful in serving and supporting students in their walk with God. So when offered the opportunity to serve and support the nursing and lab students in their faith I was hugely excited to see what God would do.

I love meeting the students to ‘do life together’ and study the bible, alongside Frank and Annet, two nurses from the hospital. This is one of my favourite things about being here, seeing God actively at work in some of their lives is awesome! Frank and Annet have amazing stories of how God has transformed their lives and I am really enjoying getting to know them and building friendships, as we meet every week to prepare.

I have also had the chance to join in with some social events at the hospital. One of these saw me joining creative heads with Denise and painting several banners for the ‘Addicted to love’ conference, ran at the nursing school, for all the students around the topic of sex and relationships. This was a great opportunity for me to work alongside some really great people and continue to get to know some of the students in my Bible study group.

The weekend consisted of various speakers, seminars, challenges and lots of time for the students to ask questions about relationships and seek prayer and advice for situations. Within the same weekend (it was a busy one) I got to meet two kids groups that I will be working with, the local Sunday school where I will be teaching come October and a once a month Kids club that I will be getting involved in as well!

My house has also become somewhat busier as I went from just me to a house of 4 soon to be 5 within the space of a few days. Jessy Hudson a Doctor from the UK and Raymond and Jackie Given a missionary couple from Northern Ireland who moved in early September. The company is great and cooking for 4 is certainly more fun than cooking for 1.

A visit from some friendly Northern Ireland faces gave me the opportunity to get behind the wheel as I drove to Luweero with me house girl Rachael to see the ‘Go Uganda’ team for a short while. A lovely care package from my mum and dad was well received but let’s just say driving in Uganda will always be an experience.

Lots to be keeping me out of mischief that’s for sure!

Thanks for taking the time to read, and once again thanks for your prayers! Was reminded in church recently about where our joy comes from, for me I know in the past that my interpretation of joy has often been so distorted! Real joy comes from the maker and it’s not only for the receiver but it’s to be shared with those around us. Since arriving in Uganda there have been many moments of indescribable joy, some given directly from God and others I’ve received simply by spending time with those who are so willing to share the joy. To me that’s both an encouragement that I’m exactly where God wants me to be and a challenge to share all that I have with those around me!

God Bless

P.S Ugandans cannot quite believe that I grew up on a farm and that milking cows and lambing sheep is something I’ve actually done haha!


Paul Sayers said Mon, 06 Oct 2014 11:00AM
Excited for you as I read your news..writer, teacher,runner,cooker,good driver(if you can drive Uganda)farmer. No end of talents young girl. Enjoyed the read.
Janice Moore said Mon, 06 Oct 2014 11:37AM
Lisa, great hearing about all the different things you have been up to. You have been so busy that I am sure the time is flying in. Looking forward to the next instalment. Take care, love from all.xxx
Holly Shaw said Mon, 06 Oct 2014 10:00PM
Didn't realise this existed... will definitely be using it to keep up with Kiwoko news! Got very nostalgic reading about all the things you've been up to xxxxxx

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