News from November 2014

Highlights from Madi West Nile


Chris MacBruithin, a Church of Ireland Ordinand, recently carried out his ministry placement in Madi West Nile Diocese (Uganda), where he spent three weeks with his wife, Sarah. Chris shares some highlights in the latest edition of inMission magazine, but here, Sarah offers her own reflections.

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Ronnie and Maggie to return to Kenya


CMS Ireland Mission Director, Ronnie Briggs and his wife, Maggie, were recently accepted as ‘Mission Partners in Training’ with the Society and are hoping to return to Kenya towards the end of February 2015.

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Missionaries uncovered


What is your perception of a missionary? Denise shares some of her reflections.

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Mission Associate Mark Zimmerman (Nepal) recently wrote about his visit to Foxford, Co. Mayo, to see Trevor Strong. It’s a moving story that celebrates the importance of people and relationship in God’s great work of mission.

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