Mothers' Union in Kiwoko

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In November I had my first ever visit to a Mother’s Union meeting at our local church, St John’s. They combine the meetings with the Christian Women’s Fellowship so meetings thus include all categories of women i.e. single, married or moms. I wasn’t sure what to expect having not attended any Mothers’ Union meetings in Ireland as a single Presbyterian girl. I was pleasantly surprised.

The meetings are led by Ritah Byansi, wife to our local Canon. She is a dynamic, unpretentious lady who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get alongside the women. Her love and enthusiasm for ‘her ladies’ is infectious. The ladies gather under the trees and papyrus mats are placed on the grass for the sleeping babies to rest on.

There was a mixture of young and old ladies, some from the community, some who work at the hospital and some who attend our hospital as clients. A visiting U.K. pastoral worker called Sarah spoke to the ladies from the Bible about the character Ruth, emphasising how she overcame so many challenges in her life with the help of God.

I asked the ladies to sit in groups, according to the geographical zones where they live. Then we looked at the challenges they face, the strengths in their community and also what their personal dreams for the future, their families and their community.

The challenges are what you would expect in a rural subsistence farming area – sickness, low income, poor water supply and the like. However one group of ladies in particular burdened me. As I observed this group of ladies, they were less confident, reserved and perhaps a bit resigned, in comparison to the other groups which contained women who were more confident and willing to speak out.

One of their biggest issues was the absenteeism of their men. These women listed this lack of involvement as husbands and fathers high on their list of challenges. They also reported drug and alcohol abuse as issues in their community. I am sure the issues are interrelated. The ladies went on to say that the men did not know God. I appreciated their honesty and sympathised with their pain.

Income generation is another huge area of concern. How can these women increase their household income given their restricted resources? The Mother’s Union is more than just a social network for these ladies, it is somewhere to be educated and equipped, somewhere to be supported and mentored, to deal with life and the challenges that will undoubtedly come.

A German lady from Luweero called Monica has helped the ladies to build a brick oven fuelled by firewood. She has taught the ladies how to make and decorate cakes so that the ladies can earn some money by making wedding cakes and the like. This has really empowered and motivated the ladies to acquire more skills in this area.
It is a real privilege to fellowship with these women, they are inspiring as they seek to improve themselves, family life and influence their community for Christ and the common good.

Happy Mothers’ Day Everybody , a few days late!


samuel mbabaali said Wed, 20 May 2015 07:40PM
yes, Denise hand in hand with Mrs. Ritah have impacted the life of mothers at Kiwoko through these m.u meetings every Friday. Be richly blessed for complementing my ministry at St. John's

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