Casting off with the Mothers' Union

Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Wed, 23 Jul 2014 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Who would have guessed? Certainly not the small planning committee for 2014’s programme. A single knitting lesson was included in the programme, now here we are a month down the line – knitting every week!

On Friday afternoons we (the Mothers’ Union) meet on Ritah’s (MU President) veranda. I hadn’t expected to be involved directly with the knitting classes, but Dr Corrie was unable to get away from Maternity and so I became the substitute knitting lecturer for a few weeks! The class has continued to grow on a weekly basis and the ladies are as keen as mustard to conquer this new skill and to start making sweaters.

The class has now been running for over a month and still new faces appear on Friday afternoons. We have split the class into two – nursery and advanced level! There is much banter, joy and congratulations when someone gets moved up to the advanced level. Ritah has also been amazed at the popularity of the topic. The planned programme seems to have been suspended as the ladies just want to knit each week! Some of the ladies who started only a month ago are now helping to teach the new students – fantastic.

Sadly a few of the ladies struggle with eyesight problems and therefore it is quite a chore but they are determined and faithfully attend, squinting at the needles and the stitches they have painstakingly cast on. There is no Specsavers here to immediately ease the problem, however, perhaps the next visit from the mobile eye clinic from Mengo Hospital might be able to help at some stage in the future.

Rory very kindly packed ALL the donated knitting needles for our return and they are being given out to these ladies free of charge, much to their delight. Thank you again to all who donated knitting needles they have been so much appreciated and valued. We initially bought some wool for the ladies to use but now we are encouraging them to take ownership of their knitting and buy their own wool. Amazingly it is available here in Kiwoko at 50 pence a ball. Not bad eh?

It seems that with such a captive audience once people are more confident of the skill and needing less input, we should be carrying out some talks on health, spiritual matters etc, while the sweaters are being produced.

Thanks again to everyone who helped to make this a possibility!


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