From Anger to Joy - a story of change

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Update from Nepal – Part 7

Many of the folks at SD have interesting stories to tell. On Saturday, I spoke to L and his wife, A.

L came from Nagaland in India near the Burma (Myanmar) border. The Nagas were head hunters in the past but now most are Christians. Ethnically he refers to himself as a cocktail! He came to the Kathmandu Bible College in 2004 to study theology and learn Nepali as he felt called to Nepal as a missionary. At the college he met his wife, A, who had been a model before becoming a Christian.

After marriage and then the birth of their son, L was sent and supported by his Baptist church to villages in Nepal. He said that he usually went to the important men of the village but never shared the good news with the handicapped. After a time, he would get a small fellowship together in the village and then move on to the next village.

However, in October 2008 his wife fell from a roof and was seriously injured. The flat roofs of houses are used as outdoor rooms, but they often have small parapets. She is paralysed from the waist down with two breaks in her spinal column. Now L found that he needed money for treatment as well as money for living expenses. However, as he would be unable to continue as a missionary, his sending church stopped his salary. It was only the provision of God through the generosity of friends and some Western missionaries that allowed this family to survive.

For four years they were angry with God and unable to go to church because churches here do not have a proper understanding or facilities for the disabled. About 14 months ago they came to SD church and simply cried with joy because of the love and care shown to them.They asked God’s forgiveness.

Now he has a small chicken shop. He buys live chickens from a farmer and then sells the cuts of meat in his shop. He sells about five chickens a day. Amazingly the small family survive on this.

Once a week A and other people in wheelchairs from the Handicraft Team have to go to the spinal unit rehabilitation centre in the hospital and while they are there they tell the other people about Jesus.

There are many stories of the people at SD Church and this is just one of them.


Rev Bill Boyce is one of six team members on a CMSI META (Mission Experience Team Abroad) to Nepal. The team have been posting regular updates from Kathmandu. You can read more from them here

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