Teamwork, sunshine and welcome delays

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Update from Nepal – Part 9

Pokhara can suffer power blackouts just like Kathmandu but here the hotel has its own backup generator. There are even street lights on the main street here.

This morning ((Tuesday) we had a team meeting to discuss how we felt the trip had gone. Everyone was very positive about how the seminars had gone, about SD church and its leadership team and about how well we, as a team, had gelled. One good point was how our different skills complemented one another. Each team member brought unique gifts, which made us a useful team for SD church.

The streets were strangely quiet this morning as there were only pedestrians and a few cyclists about. The shops were all closed because of the strike, though the cafes and restaurants were open. The shops started to open after 4pm.

The sun shines almost all the time here, and there is a lot less dust and pollution than in Kathmandu. The lake is a wonderful attraction in the city. It is used for boating and four of us took a boat over the lake to where a path leads up to a hilltop. It was a steep 45 minute climb but the views were worth it. Unfortunately, the Himalayas were mostly obscured by cloud but when the tops peeped out, the scale was very impressive. We are still a long way from them here.

Did you know that if two people are on a motorbike, the passenger can carry a bike upside-down across the motorbike while it is driven at speed down the main street? At least they can in Nepal.

Woke on Wednesday morning to find that Bill has been ill all night. Our flight to Kathmandu has had to be postponed till tomorrow so we will be there only for a few hours before flying home. By lunchtime Bill was able to join us and eat a very light lunch. Peter had goat curry for lunch, which he enjoyed until he thought a green chilli was a pod of peas. Ouch!

So we have all had to suffer an extra day in a very good hotel. It can be tough on these META teams.

Alan Robinson is one of six team members on a CMSI META (Mission Experience Team Abroad) to Nepal. He has been posting regular updates from Kathmandu, which you can read here

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