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We set out early in the morning, leaving the bustle of Kibungo town behind us we continued on the main road, then onto the red dirt, bumpy path so familiar to more remote areas of Africa. Gregory, our driver, is a natural on these paths, taking it all in his stride as he navigates each bump and turn with ease.

As we reached the main church at Kigarama, the beauty of the surrounding land was striking, lush green hills rolled on all around us. Pastor Benjamin welcomed us, glad to show us around and share how the ministry in this beautiful, yet remote area was developing. Just 6 years ago there was nothing here; today we find the Pastor’s modest home, a church and a small nursery. Each day these buildings are filled with activity as various groups meet together.

Today one of the Mothers’ Union Associations, ‘Agaseke’, is meeting. This group of 16 women weave various crafts that are sold to help generate income. While they weave, they enjoy the opportunity to share in fellowship together, as well as learning and perfecting a new skill. Behind each item there is a story, a person; like all the crafts you can find as part of CMS Ireland’s Marketplace initiative.

Take, for example, a basket, or ‘agaseke’ in Kinyarwanda. When a person holds it in their hand in Ireland they know that there is more to tell beyond the carefully woven layers that combine together creating what may become a place to store a small keepsake, or perhaps a decoration for a Christmas tree.

There is a person, just like one of the women in Kigarama, who laughed, cried, prayed and sang with her friends as she weaved. There are her children who are now enjoying an education, the future leaders of this community. There is a peace that she carries knowing should one of her family need healthcare they will be able to afford it. There is a community who are becoming empowered…. every story woven into and part of each basket.

When you next spot a ‘agaseke’ at one of our Marketplace stalls pause for a moment and give thanks for the wonderful way God is at work in and through the Mothers’ Union at Kigarama Parish, Kibungo.

Kelly Yates

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