Update from Nepal

Posted by Roger Cooke on Sun, 26 Apr 2015 | 2 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

We’ve now had contact with all our partners in Nepal and have received more news and prayer requests.

Last night, I spoke with ‘B’ – from SD Church. The earthquake took place as they met together for their main church service in what he describes as “one of the safest buildings in Nepal!” Nonetheless, they evacuated to a nearby field, where they sang praise songs to God to help their folk keep their eyes on Him.

While there were some buildings affected nearby, the SDSS centre is fine and their back-up generator has been a significant help amidst the power cuts. Many folk were afraid to go back into their homes last night, particularly with the aftershocks, so SD were providing food and shelter for lots of their neighbours last night. They ask for our prayers as they continue to provide practical support and care for these folk.

B said that they’d managed to get in touch with many of the leaders of their outlying sister churches – all of whom were safe, even though there had been significant damage to buildings in some areas. He asked us to pray for these communities, particularly in the Gorkha area (near the epicentre) and for SD as they consider how best to help.

Shreya Thapa from HDCS has also been in contact today. The staff of HDCS and ABBS are all safe and well. Here’s what Shreya said:

The country is almost at a stand still, there is limited communication so for now please pray that we can all reach our friends and family to make sure everyone is safe.

Many lives have been lost, pray for those who have Lost loved ones and homes. Pray for unity and that we will be able to come together as a nation to rebuild.

We are shocked by the damage and I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the love and concern of people all over the world. Internet isn’t very good so I don’t know when I’ll be able to write again…

Finally, we heard today from Mark and Deirdre Zimmerman (CMSI Mission Associates). They and their boys are safe and well. Mark writes…

We were in church when the earthquake hit on Saturday 12 noon, Nepal time. Its length and force was far beyond anything anyone of us had experienced before and we fully expected buildings to come down.

Thankfully, this did not happen, and in fact on the street, the main overt damage was to flimsy compound walls and old temples. Our first impression was of minimal damage. Our apartment only experienced some things falling from shelves, 95% left standing and intact.

The power has been completely cut, which has begun to affect water supply, because most here have to pump that. Only 10% of shops are open. With roads all intact, there is every reason to hope that food will not become short.

The more serious worry is in the rural areas, where communication and relief support are sparse. No one knows the extent of the loss of life and the hardship out there.

Please do pray for Mark’s organisation, NSI, as they consider how best to respond to these challenges in rural areas.

International Nepal Fellowship (INF) have provided some other prayer points:

~ For quick rescue of all of those trapped and injured, comfort for those who have lost loved ones, shelter for those without homes.
~ For those traumatised by the events of the past two days
~ Safety for those families who will be spending another night outside in fear of aftershocks and the risk of structurally damaged buildings collapsing
~ As rain clouds are gathering we pray that rain will not exacerbate the situation
~ For God’s peace for all those with loved ones in Nepal
~ Please also pray for the government as they lead the response to this disaster nationally.


Am Strong and Ian Vogwell said Tue, 28 Apr 2015 09:27PM
To Deirdre and Mark Zimmerman Dear both,we are both so pleased you are all alive we have been praying you would be ok,and guess what God answered our prayers and replied through C MS website. Keep safe and continue your good work. Ian and I often think about you,and when we knew you in Devon House Love Ian and Pam
Fionnuala O'Sullivan said Sat, 02 May 2015 04:11PM
Dear Dee & Mark Zimmerman...we thank God you and your boys are safe (& your home) but we pray for you being in the midst of huge human suffering/loss. That the Lord will give you his wisdom & strength in how best to help those affected. Though we don't communicate back to you all these years we do love receiving/reading your newsletters (giving us a window into your lives there) With love from Pat & Fionnuala

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