CMSI Burundi Refugee Appeal

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As the political unrest continues in Burundi, over 70,000 people have already fled to neighbouring countries, including DR Congo and Rwanda. As our Global Partners in the region respond to this growing refugee crisis, they have asked for our help. CMSI has launched a Burundi Refugee Appeal and we ask both for your prayers and your generous financial support.

A large refugee camp has been set up within Kibungo Diocese, Rwanda, where more than 25,000 Burundians have sought refuge. The Diocese of Bukavu, DR Congo, is also experiencing an influx of people. It is estimated that around 10,000 Burundians have crossed the border into DR Congo in recent weeks.

Bishop Emmanuel (Kibungo) and Bishop Bahati (Bukavu) have asked CMSI for funding to help purchase food, cooking utensils, bedding, toiletries, medicines, etc.

We have been receiving regular updates from our partners in Burundi who urge us to keep praying for peace as the unrest continues.

CMS Ireland is responding to the situation in Burundi and to these specific requests in two ways:

1. Prayer
Please pray…
• For Burundi, for an effective and peaceful solution to be found.
• For our Global Partners in Burundi, as they lead their communities and care for people at a time of great uncertainty, may God grant them wisdom and protection.
• For our Global Partners in Rwanda and DR Congo, and for their congregations, as they seek to provide sanctuary and basic necessities to those fleeing areas of unrest.
• For the tens of thousands of people who have been displaced – for provision of shelter and basic necessities, for families who have been separated. Pray against the outbreak of disease. Pray for the comfort, peace and love of God to reign in the midst of very difficult circumstances.

2. Financial Assistance
We encourage you to please support CMSI’s Burundi Refugee Appeal fund. We will pass your gift on (in its entirety) to our partners, who are responding to needs in their communities as a result of the unrest in Burundi. These include those partners mentioned above and others that may be impacted in the weeks and months ahead. We believe that supporting our partners in this way is the most effective expression of our partnership in mission as we enable them to reach out with God’s love to those rendered homeless.

To give you some idea of how your money can make a difference:
- £2 can provide a pack of basic toiletries
- £5 can provide 1 anti-malarial kit
- £10 can provide maize meal for a family for a week
- £20 can provide a mattress and a blanket

To donate to CMSI’s Burundi Refugee Appeal, please click the following link:

If you prefer to make a donation by cheque please make payable to ‘CMS Ireland’ and write ‘Burundi Appeal’ on the reverse or on an accompanying note.

Many thanks for your ongoing support of our partners in this time of need.

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