Pushing the boat out for Maridi

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We’re always delighted to hear about the creative ways in which parishes and individuals raise funds to support CMSI and our Global Partners. This story about adventures on the high seas is a great example of people using their interests and passions to raise awareness and encourage financial support.

Last December, Nina Coffey (Dromore Parish) visited Maridi Diocese in South Sudan as part of a CMSI Mission Experience Team Abroad. Dromore Parish enjoys an active Partnership Link with Maridi and, as a result of the visit, Nina was inspired to support a project in Maridi. She enlisted her husband, Clive, to help out. Here’s Clive’s account of the initiative:

We did it!

We sailed two RS200s the whole way from Newcastle (Co. Down) to the Isle of Man…and back! These small two-man performance dinghies are designed for inshore club racing, not making a sea-going passage, so it truly was a tremendous achievement!

A team of sixteen of us made the trip (sailors, safety boat crew and a yachtswoman), providing the perfect mix of youth, experience, enthusiasm and caution to ensure success. Even with benign weather, such a journey would be considered a serious undertaking, so arriving at the club on Saturday morning to a sea of dancing white horses and no respite likely in the forecast, knowing we had a 50mile trip ahead, had a few of us taking some sharp intakes of breath. So, full to the brim with fear and excitement we set off on a Force 4-5 following wind, pushing us on for the whole of the trip. We endured six hours of what turned into a rollercoaster sea, climbing over and racing down the waves for the second half of the outward journey. It was wet, brutally cold, physically and mentally demanding and yet all the time fabulously exhilarating.

The town of Peel was still in party mode – thronged with those following the TT races that finished up the previous day, making for a great night exchanging stories. After a good night’s camp, we left then the following morning into a Force 3-4 wind ‘on the nose.’ Thankfully, however, after the first couple of hours it veered round behind us and eased as the passage progressed, allowing the sore bottoms, tired thighs and blistered hands some relief. As we passed St John’s Point it finally fell off to just about nothing, frustratingly meaning it took us over two hours to get the last three miles or so back into to Newcastle! It was a huge effort and a fabulous adventure for all of us, one we will remember for many years to come.

And by making it happen we’ve also raised a considerable sum of money for charity.

My wife Nina went to visit our partner diocese, Maridi, in December. Although she witnessed the immense need she was struck by how rich they were in hope and ambition. They want to improve their lives and become more self-reliant and the Maridi Demonstration Farm is an excellent example of this. Not only providing locally produced fruit and vegetables, but also teaching more sustainable methods of farming. They have plans to further develop another mine free area…but they do need our help to do this.

You can show your support by donating online and your donation will go straight to CMS Ireland specifically for the Maridi Demonstration Farm.

Click here to donate to the fund.

A very sincere THANK YOU to all who have contributed already but we haven’t reached our target yet!!


Jenny Christie said Thu, 02 Jul 2015 08:21AM
Fabulous effort and such a brilliant and adventurous way of raising money - well done!!
Jenny Smyth said Tue, 07 Jul 2015 11:10AM
Well done to all involved...a great challenge which will make a great difference to the farming folks in Maridi who live with life threatening challenges daily...thank you for putting yourselves out for them!

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