Epic Safari

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“Why is my watch saying its 4.10 am?” asked Avril, bleary-eyed. “Because it is 4.10am!” came the answer, as we scurried around the house to gather the last minute bits for our journey.

Our journey to Kenya was something of an odyssey, car, plane, parked on the tarmac for three hours and then flying for eight, and finally a midnight bus-ride to Kajiado. It’s a journey thousands have made before, and in and of itself, it is not epic. What is epic is the people we have met, the incredible kindness and generosity they have shown, the faces of the rescued girls choir as they sang beautifully and fervently of their love for Jesus in the Cathedral Swahili service.

It has to be said that the scenery and the wildlife are pretty epic too, as is the depth of partnership and mutual respect and love that has built up over almost 40 years between the Diocese of Kajiado and many parishes across the Church of Ireland. We are conscious that we stand on the shoulders of giants as we travel this extraordinary journey. It is such a blessing to be here, to join with the team from St Mark’s Dundela and with the people of the Diocese of Kajiado and to be a small part of a much larger, epic story.

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