Growing families at Kiwoko

Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Fri, 17 Jul 2015 | 3 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Last night Gideon and I were down at Uganda (aka ‘our garden’) and while there one of Gideon’s goats went into labour. Sam, who helps us with the garden, acted as midwife and supported mum and baby successfully. We now have a new male black and white kid! Hopefully his mum will be more maternal with this kid than she was with her last one!

As I watched, something that Sam and I have witnessed before, I was struck by our reactions. Concern as the kid crowned and was helped out, relief when the delivery was over and finally the joy and wonder of watching a new life enter the world. As mummy goat licked the kid clean, I asked myself why the birth of a new goat would bring such joy into an otherwise ordinary evening.

Perhaps it reminded me of the joy I felt on Gideon’s arrival into the world, or the sheer amazingness of nature and how God has created us? I concluded that 99% of the time any new birth brings joy and wonder, but perhaps the joy is heightened because of what the birth represents, not just that present moment but 9 months of pregnancy – sickness, changes to our self-image, tiredness, raging hormones (perhaps this is why men have joy – they mistakenly think the hormone imbalance is over!) death to all dignity and the list goes on; much like an Olympic medallist, it is not just about the few minutes it took to win the race but the 4 years of preparation.

I thought about the many new ‘births’ that I see in the lives of my family and friends at the moment. The birthing of new roles e.g. parent/spouse; new jobs; homes; relationships; ministries; coming out of dark times to new season of hope – recovery from divorce, backsliding, death of a loved one and more. I am also seeing people hit a new season of failing health and hospital visits, adjustment to diagnoses of cancer and the unknown of what that really means.

Arriving in such a new environment can be scary, and the wonder of God’s hand on our lives can sometimes be overshadowed by our fear of the unknown. However if we are seeking to be in God’s will we know that He is going ahead of us and will equip and lead us (Joshua 3:4).

Recently, several of our senior children’s ministry leaders left us to do some further study, leaving behind only a few committed people to carry on. It was a major gap. However the gap called for an evaluation, a new look at the needs of our children locally. As a result we have a brand new team, a new strategy and a fresh wave of zeal for reaching out to our children. The passing on of some of our leaders heralded the end of a season and we enter a new one with a younger but enthusiastic team.

Bill Johnson an American pastor said in one of his sermons that he felt people reacted to life either out of fear or out of a place of love. The comment stuck with me and has challenged me. New situations can shake our very core, but we can face them in Christ from a secure place of Love, knowing that He is in control despite what our circumstances might say at that moment in time.

God calls us to newness as a new creation, to a new life in Him, and gives us a new Hope for the future.

Let us embrace our new situations, willingly laying aside the past so that we can grasp the present and future courageously with both hands! (Is 43:18-19).


debbie said Mon, 20 Jul 2015 11:36AM
Aw what a lovely story and Tukusanyukidde (i hope insaid that right I'm practising) to the new little Kidd I'm sure Gideon os over the moon. I hope your all well and look forward to meeting you all in a few weeks time. Debbie 💖
Sandra Johnston said Mon, 20 Jul 2015 02:30PM
What an amazing experience for Gideon ,witnessing The birth and the wonder and awe of Gods great Creation right befor him . We ,as a group and individually Are preparing to join you in a few weeks time . Personally I go from so much excitement I could burst to feeling A little anxious and praying that I will be a help to u all. Then I am reminded that Our Precious Lord goes before us He already has it sorted , He knows where and how we Will fit into Kiwoko . He is leading us on the amazing Journey where we will grow in Him and see your wonderful Community . We will have many many emotions and experiences As we strive to serve Him and make new friends in Uganda. And the best of it is God is in the midst !! God Bless & see you soon xx Sandra xx
Gillian Maganda said Tue, 21 Jul 2015 01:21PM
Very touch blog guys and encouraging to be reminded that God brings different seasons to our lives - and embracing them as part of His unfolding plan can make all the difference. Praying for you all. xo

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