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On Wednesday 5th we climbed up Zion Hill, accompanied by Bishop Jered, who explained the features of the immediate surrounding countryside and how the church was established on Zion Hill. We entered the church to be greeted by a group of teenagers and after introductions, we were questioned about Northern Ireland.

After the serious ‘stuff’ the entertainment started! First the choir sang to us – their joy and enthusiasm was infectious. Then out came the ‘comedians’ who had written sketches making fun of Pastors, people from Ireland, meeting a beautiful girl – everyone laughed heartily, even if some of the words were lost in translation! Then…the pastor turned to the team and said ‘Now it’s your turn to make us laugh!’

I am sure our expressions alone made them laugh but Marilyn came to the rescue and very quickly explained to us how to perform a ‘funny’ sketch, with a message on the true meaning of Christianity – we succeeded in making them laugh too! We then sang some songs and taught them a few new ones before we did the Christian Conga around the Church – the dance had to be seen to be believed. Eileen nearly put her hip out!!

After lunch we climbed the hill yet again, in the heat of the day. As there was nobody there (African time) we settled under a tree African style. A young girl appeared and literally lay down at our feet and fell asleep. As children began to gather we invited them to play pass the rugby ball and gradually as more arrived we introduced the parachute and played some games with it – we all had a great time of fun and laughter.

We then moved into the church and this group also entertained us with a traditional Rwandan welcome dance and song; a solo and an amazing play about HIV which showed us something of the education they are given at such an early age. Again the team performed a short drama, taught new songs and then gave an entertaining message about the love of God and His willingness to forgive sins. Adam’s word for today was ‘fabulous!’ We were exhausted but thankful God had used us in this way and that the team were able to respond to unexpected challenges.

Thursday 6th – we had a visit to the Pineapple Processing plant and were given a very informative tour by the manager. She explained the developments that have happened and the plans for expansion and the difficulties they have in sourcing packaging. This gives employment to local people and income to growers of pineapples. We then walked along the road to Muhanga Youth Technology Centre(MYTC), walking past prisoners who were working on the roadside. Again the team are very impressed with the efforts of training young people in the skills of wood and metal work. This was a more informative visit when future plans for the future were explained.

After lunch we joined the Bishop and graduates from the Bible Development School at which we were warmly welcomed. After introductions we were set a question by the Bishop about how to reach out to those outside the Church. We were divided into groups and shared suggestions and ideas about how we do things in our different countries. This was a challenging and interesting experience for us all.

We are thankful that God continues to bless us with friendships being made; emotions often tested and a wonderful team spirit being developed daily. We are learning to live with infrequent electricity supplies and no hot water but great food! We end our days with worship and devotions – always a time of blessing, openness and honesty. Please continue to pray for us.

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