Water is life

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Before reading this blog, please read Ezekiel 47:1-12

One of the first things I did on arriving home was to fill a large glass with tap water and drink it back in one go. It’s the simple things.

When in Kenya, you quickly become aware that water is quite simply the difference between life and death. Those who have experienced the devastation of drought speak of the horror of watching animals and livestock, so precious to the Maasai, dying painfully for want of the water that we in Ireland complain about so frequently.

Climate change is so much more than the theoretical consequences of a polluting world. It is the everyday reality that rain seasons pass without rain, that flash flooding devastates almost as much as drought, that deserts expand mercilessly in the absence of water.

The harvesting of water is critical to community life and development in Kenya. And so I want to issue a challenge to anyone who reads this blog. In the spirit of true partnership and in a world that is advancing so radically in what we can achieve, is it not possible to establish some process of water-sharing around the world. I suspect the reasons this isn’t already happening are more to do with human will than lack of human ability. It’s a serious point, and in true partnership if we work out how to export our water our brothers and sisters in Kenya would be more than happy to share with us the living water of God’s Spirit that so richly flows through their churches. Sharing is, after all, caring!

Ezekial 47 has always fascinated me with its imagery of a life-changing river, the Holy Spirit, flowing from the temple, transforming stale and stagnant places with life and hope.

The final image of the river bringing life to the trees on either side is surely a picture of the Church, there and here, being fed and sustained by the life-giving waters to such an extent that the harvest is monthly and there is healing and hope. May it be so in Kenya and Ireland!

Rev Baden Stanley is the rector of Christ Church, Bray and was a member of the CMSI Mission Experience Team Abroad that visited Kenya in July 2015. You can read more from the team here

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