Walking in the steps of Aslan

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With all the furore over the horrific killing of Cecil the Zimbabwean Lion, the protection of these magnificent creatures is very much at the centre of world awareness. While we must never lose sight of the value of the human lives that have been forgotten and ignored by us all for far too long, it is important that we remember our role as stewards of God’s creation.

We started this journey in Mission with a focus on the symbol of the Lion as a common thread in our partnership with St Mark’s Dundela and the ACK in Kenya. Having ‘Aslan’ in common has built strong bridges among our communities, the bonds of relationship, trust and partnership will not easily be broken. We are committed to ensuring that we build together on what has begun.

If this trip were a Hollywood film, (and I was being played by Brad Pitt!!), there would have been a majestic male lion, standing astride a nearby rock, roaring into the setting sun as a light breeze wove its way through his mighty mane: as it was, we found paw-prints of one of the largest lions in the area. It was an appropriate ending to our journey that thrilled each of us to be so close to, if not in sight of, our journey’s theme. It carried a sense of unfinished business and reminded us that our shared journey with Aslan continues.

Our thanks to everyone who made our trip to Kenya such an amazing, humbling experience. To Bishop Gaddiel Lenini for his invitation and inspiring commissioning, to Archdeacon Naftaly Lemooke for his faithful care and leadership, (and his inspirational translations of words and actions!), to Ronnie and Maggie and all at Oltiasika MRTC who made us so welcome and blessed, and to the staff of CMSI for guiding our faltering footsteps as we began Walking in Mission.


Rev Baden Stanley has been part of a CMSI Mission Experience Team Abroad, who have been visiting Kenya in July 2015. You can read their other blogs here

Kenya 2015: Walking together in mission

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