Shake, Rattle and Roll

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We’ve had a few journeys in our minibus – being shaken and rolled about – but we have been blessed by a wonderful driver. Nothing however, prepared us for being wakened at 3:25am on Thursday morning with the walls and our beds moving and the roof shaking like the spin cycle of a washing machine!

Six faces appeared out of their bedrooms feeling rather shaken and somewhat scared. Adam thought it was the generator so stayed in bed! What was it? An earthquake in Rwanda, the epicentre being about 100km away, but close enough for us. When we had been assured that all was ok, we prayed, then returned to bed. We have put it down to being just another experience.

We have been amazed by our journey – up hills, around mountains, meeting God’s people who are just filled with His spirit. We continue to be very humbled.

We have worked with youth groups and young children, met representatives from Mothers’ Union and the newly formed Fathers’ Union, visited homes for either overnight stays or for meals, Adam has preached, we have sung, played games, prayed, laughed, cried, presented God’s word in many ways and listened to the people here as they tell their amazing stories of how they have built up their chapels/churches in their communities.

We have visited cell groups and been blessed by those. Our time is coming to an end and we have just returned from our first rest day, which we very much enjoyed in Kigali. We still have a few more parishes to visit before we depart, but one thing is for sure though, it has been a wonderful experience.

We each take away some personal thoughts, emotions and memories but we will also be able to share many of our stories with the people in our parishes with renewed enthusiasm and a focus on how to support Shyogwe Diocese in the future.

The Team

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Maureen leacock said Wed, 12 Aug 2015 09:42AM
So thankful you all came through the earth tremor unscathed.Especially Adam!! Cannot wait to hear all the wonderful stories of your time in Shyogwe.What great memories you will have.Praying for a safe journey home . God Bless.

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