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Tuesday 28th July

Tuesday lunchtime and the red ground is wet with rain. Maybe we’re being prepared for heading home at the weekend.

Since the last update, we’ve been in churches for Sunday worship, visited yet more parishes and also had a chance to see the diocesan bible school, not far from Kindu on the other side of the Congo.

The bible school was founded and supported with generous help from CMS Australia. In a beautiful secluded setting, shaded by palm trees and surrounded by forest, is the spacious compound. The facilities looked very good, though all was quiet with students at home on their summer break. The bishop was as usual brimming with ideas as he showed us around. The challenge is that the Australian support will run for one final year. After that they don’t know what to do: students and parishes don’t have the funds to support it.

We’ve just come back from a very inspiring visit to the Mothers’ Union women’s training centre. The MU is doing an excellent job working with so many needy groups: prisoners, widows, victims of rape. The training centre was bustling with life, women working away on some 20 plus sewing machines, mostly supplied by the parishes of Rev Andrew Rawding after his last visit. It lifted our spirits to see what could be done with a bit of support and lots of passion. Money that Guy and Patrick were given for specific projects will go to them.

We leave Kindu tomorrow, flying to Goma. The following day (Thursday) we plan to take a boat across Lake Kivu to the city of Bukavu. We move on to Kigali on Saturday and the three fellas will fly home on Sunday, arriving in Dublin on Monday morning. Jenny is staying on to visit other mission partners.

Thanks so much for your prayer and support.

Thursday 30th July

Well, that was the plan, but having checked in all our luggage for the flight on Wednesday, we were told that it was in fact going to Kinshasa…so we went back to Bishop Masimango’s house, where they had not quite got around to stripping the beds, and we all sat down for a much needed cup of tea!

On Wednesday evening we visited a young man in the state hospital. We prayed for him and his room-mate. We were all impressed with the facilities and pleased to see that the British government aid programme was funding some rehabilitation work on the buildings.

Thursday dawned and we set off early to get the flight for Goma, again. And then we waited, waited some more, watched two other planes come and go, then waited.

At 1pm, the plane arrived and we got on…just! Patrick, being a gentleman, did not join the unholy rush and was left without a seat. Thankfully, one passenger was a large child, but apparently, not too large to sit on someone’s lap. So Patrick got a seat. Then, as I lent back in my seat, the internal panel behind fell down. This took some while to wedge back into position, but eventually we took to the air and landed in Goma too late to get the boat to Bukavu. Sadly.

The Rev Desire kindly met us, fished Guy out of the chief immigration officer’s office, retrieved his passport, and we set off for the hotel. Unfortunately, it was booked out as the first lady is having a party in Goma tonight. However, with characteristic resourcefulness, Rev Desire took us to a catholic retreat centre and the sister took pity on us. We have lovely rooms, running hot water, power, internet, and a most beautiful shore line. Time to catch up on communications, clean up, swim and recharge. Tomorrow, we hope to visit the volcanic lakes, before setting off on Saturday to cross the border to Rwanda and get the bus for Kigali.

We have had an amazing adventure so far, been deeply touched by people’s generosity and resourcefulness and are thankful for all your prayers.

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