God is good all the time

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Last August, my dad was admitted to hospital with a bad case of pneumonia. It was a difficult time because at first he didn’t want to go to the doctor and therefore by the time of admission, he was seriously ill.

This is one of the most difficult situations when working overseas: the dilemma that arises when a loved one is ill – do you go home immediately or not? The decision is a complicated one based on second or third-hand information, which is not always clear or complete. Kiwoko was busy with many visitors and not so many staff on the ground due to holidays etc.

Eventually, I did make a brief visit home when dad had been discharged from hospital but was still weak, with no real appetite and incredibly tired. It was a lovely week in many ways – the weather was actually warmer and brighter than when we had been in Ireland in April/May time, there was lots of quality time with mum and dad, I had an opportunity to speak to dad’s doctor and to generally to offer some support. I saw that my visit had lifted his spirits.

I was worried about dad, as I looked at him through my nursing eyes. The picture was not encouraging. I left knowing that dad was facing a barrage of further investigations. In my heart I was expecting bad news. However, God made it clear to me that it was right and ok for me to return to Uganda. I had a real peace despite the circumstances and felt like whatever the outcome, God had everything in hand.

Now, lots of people around the world were praying for dad and while I do completely believe in the power of prayer, I was surprised, stunned, disbelieving when dad’s tests came back negative for any terminal illness. In my assessment of him there was a serious problem, and while I prayed for dad, it was more that he wouldn’t suffer and that God would save him. I don’t have medical proof but I do believe that God has done a miracle.

In Uganda, as is many African countries, standing before congregations the leader will say, “God is good” and we respond, “All the time”. The leader will then say, “And all the time?”- we say, “God is good and that is His nature – wow!”

As you can imagine, many times people (including myself) simply rhyme off the words without really considering the truth of the statements.

A recent quote in my daily Bible notes from Oswald Chambers said:

The root of sin is the suspicion that God is not good.

I have been incredibly challenged by this statement – do I really trust in the goodness of God? The outcome of dad’s tests could have been very different. However, a negative or positive outcome does not determine the goodness of God. The Bible tells me that God is good (Psalm 100:5)…period! Can I be like Job and bless God’s name and trust His goodness, His character when my world crashes down upon me?

God has been good to my family during this period of ill health that dad suffered. I want to testify to what God has done and thank everyone for praying and supporting us during that time, it was so much appreciated.

I have not made any specific New Year’s resolutions, but as we head into 2016, I have a new determination, to remember that God’s goodness is fact, an eternal constant, even when I can’t see it, like the Sun hidden on a cloudy day. Romans 8:28 says that God works for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His eternal purpose. Why? Because He is GOOD.


Gillian Maganda said Fri, 22 Jan 2016 05:07PM
Excellent blog guys - lovely pic of you all. God's goodness and mercy will follow your dad and will lead Him gently like a sheperd to Him xo
Sandra Johnston said Fri, 22 Jan 2016 05:42PM
Lovely to hear from u all and wot a brilliant blog God is indeed great ! And He always covers those Who follow him . So pleased ur dad's doing well . Sending lots of love to all at kiwoko & hope Gidwon Liked his photo :) xx
Gillian garrett said Fri, 22 Jan 2016 10:50PM
Amen indeed! Thank you for sharing Denise! Much love to you all xx
Debbie cragg said Sat, 23 Jan 2016 09:29PM
Wonderful blog Denise and so pleased to hear of your fathers health and how well he is doing. God is good. Love to you all x
Roger Thompson said Tue, 26 Jan 2016 09:26AM
Hello Denise - great to read your blog - praying for you all, and for your Dad.

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