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Friday 8th January

Hello from Ibba – we have arrived!!

The last blog updated you up to the point of our planned departure from the hotel in Juba – on Thursday morning. This blog finds the team nearing the completion of our first full day in Ibba.

Getting to Ibba was eventful – the airport at Juba second time around was as loud, noisy and crowded as the day before. This time we were flying with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) from Juba to Maridi and onwards to Ibba.

Our biggest issue was excess baggage – and there was a considerable amount of it! We had to do some last minute re-arranging and needed to leave some things behind that will follow on to Ibba on the flight that will come to return us to Juba. This felt very much like God was telling us that we need to be more ‘stripped-back’ in our approach – that we don’t need all the stuff that feel we require and that what our hosts in Ibba want from us is relational, not material.

Eventually we were able to meet our baggage obligations and get on our way to our final destination – Ibba!

The flight was in two parts – we dropped off Jane and Nina in Maridi and travelled onwards to Ibba where we were met with a welcome that I will struggle to put into words. Never have I felt more welcomed anywhere – a truly humbling experience. Most of the rest of the late afternoon and evening was spent with further welcomes and greetings and settling in to the bishop’s home. Bishop Wilson has most generously given us his home for the duration of our stay – we have been truly blessed.

After meeting the local acting Commissioner today (resplendent in fine hat and full uniform regalia!) we have been able to get fully into the programme of activities that we have planned.

Joan and Diane were engaged in work with the Days for Girls project, both with younger girls and those who will carry on this work when we return home. David was engaged with the local bee keepers along with Nigel Weallans. Linda Abwa and Carol Weallans were involved in work at the local antenatal clinic. Joanne and Olwen were leading pastor training, focussing on the key challenges faced by pastors and talking through opportunities to make real practical steps to work through these challenges.

Time now for our evening showers but not as you would have experienced! Think basin and cup to scoop the water…and do you know – they’re wonderful!

Throughout all this time we have very much felt God’s leading and blessing. We would ask that you continue to remember the team in your prayers and also the people of Ibba. We hope to be able to blog again in a few days xx


jen christie said Sat, 09 Jan 2016 06:07PM
Keep 'er lit chums. Huge love to our friends in Ibba xo
Dianna Gillespie said Sat, 09 Jan 2016 06:47PM
Great to hear from you, thinking about you and praying for you xx
Kathryn Traylen said Sat, 09 Jan 2016 07:54PM
Great to hear that you're all settling into your roles. God bless. From Kathryn, Bert and girlsxo

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