25 and still going strong

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It was a real privilege and honour to attend and be a part of Kiwoko Hospital’s 25-year Anniversary celebrations. From a small clinic functioning under a tree and on the veranda of St John’s Church, Rev Livingstone and Dr Ian Clarke worked hand-in-hand, to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of people who were so desperately in need of help.

Reflecting on those early days, Rev Livingstone commented…

Kiwoko Hospital was built on the dry bones of so many killed in the Luweero Triangle, and out of death, we experience life. Kiwoko Hospital is more than just a centre of excellence, but is a precious gift.

Yesterday, both Ian and Robbie Clarke were able to join the celebrations at the last minute. Ian spoke from deep emotion, commenting that he never expected to be standing here 25 years after starting the clinic. He and Robbie both shared that it was a privilege to be back in a place where they loved and among dear friends. Both reiterated that without CMSI, the hospital would not exist.

Yesterday’s celebrations were a culmination of multiple events that took place throughout the year, both in Uganda and Ireland. In his speech, the hospital’s Medical Director (and CMSI Mission Partner) Dr Rory Wilson highlighted that a lot has taken place in 25 years…

Around 40,000 babies have been delivered, 150,000 inpatients and over one million outpatients treated. But only eternity will tell of the countless lives who have received the greatest gift of receiving Jesus. The hospital’s motto, We Treat, Jesus Heals is a testimony to the gospel on which it was founded, and in which it continues today.

Throughout the day, we marched, we danced, we sang, we were entertained, we listened to speeches and greetings from dignitaries and invited guests and ate amazing Ugandan delights.

In her greetings, CMSI’s Mission Director, Jenny Smyth reinforced what many others had shared, that Kiwoko is much more than a hospital. It is a community of committed people, medical professionals, counsellors and cooks, engineers and accountants, maintenance workers and managers, teachers and students, all using their God given skills to bring health and healing.

It may have been the vision of one Irish man to start the hospital, but we acknowledge and pay tribute to the countless Ugandan co-workers who have invested their lives into the building up of Kiwoko Hospital. Kiwoko is a vast network of supporters across the world who have been inspired and challenged by the transformational change that happens in the hospital’s compound each day. Every day miracles of God at work, of people hearing the good news of Jesus and finding fullness of life.

Thank you Luwero Diocese for this partnership in the gospel.

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