Welcome, convoy and a letter from home

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Sunday 23rd July

Day three of our visit to DRC has been a day of highlights. We thought you would like to hear our top three for today:

1. A wonderful welcome
As we landed on the airstrip at Butembo, just yards away from us standing in the morning sun were some of the children from the children’s home, dressed in matching outfits. They held a welcome banner and were singing their hearts out with beautiful harmonies and smiling faces.

Beside the children was not only Mama Dorcas Mbambu but also a reception party from the diocese representing Bishop Isesomo who hopes to join us in Butembo tomorrow. We felt so moved and privileged to be welcomed in this way.

2. A convoy to the guesthouse
Thinking that the children had gone on while we collected our luggage, we were once again surprised as we took off in the diocesan vehicle only to be headed up by the children on a fleet of taxi motorbikes. They led the way to the Anglican compound with a real sense of celebration, and we felt equally inclined to celebrate that God had brought us to a place where we felt such a sense of community.

We were able praise God immediately as we joined the church service which had already begun. We enjoyed a further welcome there with an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the Christian family in this part of Butembo.

3. A letter from home
Whilst waiting for lunch, which we would eat with the diocesan representatives and Abraham and Theresa who have come to train the carers at the children’s home, we did a little unpacking. In my (Stewart’s) room I noticed a piece of paper on one of the cabinets, the name at the bottom was the first thing I saw – it was the name of my granddaughter!

Hollie had written to the children in the home as part of a Sunday School activity when we first started our partnership with North Kivu about five years ago. I wondered how it had ended up in the room which was allocated to me! Only God could have planned this so far ahead.

After such a day of welcome and community we are excited about the busy programme which the Diocese has planned for us in the week ahead. We would really love you to pray along with us that we can keep in step with what God has planned for us here.

Linda Abwa and Stewart Brennan are visiting CMSI partners in DR Congo. You can read their other blogs here.

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Hollie said Mon, 24 Jul 2017 05:28PM
Hi Granda. I can't believe you found my letter!! I can just about remember writing it years ago sitting in the church seat at Sunday school- it has survived a long time-both of you travelling over land and sea to end up in the same place! I hope it reminded you too that we are all thinking & praying for you at home! Thea says a 'dear lord' every night for grandad in the Congo although I'm not sure she completely knows what that means!😂 It sounds like you have had a wonderful welcome so far! Everything is good at home. Love you lots!! Hollie & Thea xx

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