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Tuesday 25th July

Mulishani – Greetings from Zambia!

Reflecting on my first few days here have left me with an incredible sense of gratitude and privilege in so many ways. God’s grace and mercy is all sufficient, and has been reflected by the sheer warmth of welcome I have received from Keith and Lyn Scott and the clergy and ordinands attached to St John’s Anglican Seminary, Kitwe. The warmth, disposition and smiles of Zambian people is delightful to experience first-hand and the infectious joy is palpable.

I attended the seminary chapel on Saturday morning for a service involving the ordinands and the St Veronica’s Guild. The Guild is for ladies and is reminiscent of the MU. The ladies smartly dressed in white blouses, blue skirts and head scarfs brought gifts of food and toiletries for the ordinands. They encouraged the ordinands and expressed their love and prayerful support through faith, action, word and song.

Sunday saw me involved in a 3+hour service in the Parish Church of St Mary and St John in the Kwacha Township. There, I had the privilege of reading the gospel, participating in the Eucharist and giving some impromptu words of greeting and encouragement. Being called upon to speak ‘on the spot’ is a feature of life in Zambia. It was quite beautiful to experience the various streams of Anglican worship expressed to the Glory of God in one service – leading to a natural strength of unity in diversity.

On Monday I sat in on an Old Testament lecture at St John’s Seminary and enjoyed participating in the ensuing discussion with the ordinands. Whilst today (Tuesday) I spent a busy day experiencing some excellent work taking place on the ground between the Diocese and an American Christian Agency called, Cross International – designed to enable and empower those in local communities in greatest need. I also had the opportunity to speak with Archbishop Albert Chama and assure him that in St George’s he was remembered in prayer each Sunday along with Keith and Lyn.

Bye for now!

William Jeffrey


Eleanor said Wed, 26 Jul 2017 07:19PM
Thank you for this diary of events. It makes everything so real. Hope you continue to have a fulfilling time. My love and best wishes to you and all you meet.

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