First Impressions

Stewart_linda_desire Posted by Rachel Brittain on Sat, 29 Jul 2017 | 1 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

It took us 20 minutes to make the 5km drive to the children’s home from the Diocesan compound. We are not yet used to the muddy roads, steep hills and wooden bridges! The home is further from the Diocese because the land on the edge of town was more economical to purchase.

The new building stands in stark contrast to the other homes in the area and the landscape. It is painted bright white and looks fresh, strong and secure against a background of mud tracks, green grass and wattle and clay type houses.

Mama Mbambu and her helpers ushered us into the small living area, offered us a comfortable seat on the sofas and immediately allocated babies for each of us to hold. Once again we were treated to songs, poems and words of appreciation. We were struck by the translation of the songs and poems which spoke of war and how it feels to be an orphan.

The children and Mama Mbambu were delighted to show us around their new home. The four bedrooms have two sets of three tiered bunk beds each, with mosquito nets, and blankets which are much needed in this cold rainy season. Abraham reminded us that, even though the beds still have to accommodate more than one child each, this new home feels like heaven in comparison to the children’s previous accommodation. (The beds were purchased with funds from the Little Light 2015 CMSI Children’s Resource, and the mosquito nets were donated by a local charity.)

We visited the volunteers cooking, washing clothes, carrying water, and enjoyed seeing the rabbits and Guinea Pigs which are being reared for food. We took a long walk to the water supply tank which has been built and secured on a natural spring. There was much slipping and sliding on the way back through a heavy shower of rain which turned the paths to mud.

It was our first afternoon with the children, but we had seen so much of their lives in their new home! We look forward to spending the whole day with them on Wednesday.

Linda Abwa and Stewart Brennan are visiting CMSI partners in DR Congo. You can read their other blogs here.


Yvonne Woods said Sun, 30 Jul 2017 04:57PM
Great to have the update. Sounds like a busy few days - and a great experience. Can't wait to hear all about the great work done there in detail.. Safe travels home for you both. God bless. Robert, Yvonne and boys.. x

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