Mothers' Union at work

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Between rain showers, thunder and a full day with the children yesterday, we are a bit behind with our blog.

The day we spent with the children was exceptional. After a few days of visiting and seeing it was wonderful to get the balloons and bubbles out and just spend some time with these little ones whose wellbeing is really at the centre of what our partners are doing here. We are eager to share photos of the children when we get back!

The enormity of Mama Mbambu’s role became even more apparent as we listened to news of one of the babies who is very ill in hospital. She has been sleeping at the hospital with the baby, and still hosting us during the day. She and her husband, Rev. Emmanuel took us to visit the other projects associated with the children’s home: the primary and secondary school, tailoring workshop, hair salon and mechanic training shop. We were impressed by these attempts to make the care of the children more sustainable.

When we visited the small clinic building where the children were staying before the move, we could see the difference that their new home is making for them. But we realise that much prayer and support is needed for our partners to make a secure future for their children.

We spent today with the Mothers’ Union and girls youth group.

We are struck by how much ingenuity is shown by the MU leaders to assist the women in their community. Rabbit farming, brick-making, soap production, craft works are just a few of the activities which bring in funds for the women to support each other.

There was also an opportunity to meet with the leader of the group of women who have suffered sexual violence. The care shown towards them by the MU is inspirational; they visit them at home, offer counselling and provide skills training for income generation.

We were equally challenged by the compassion the MU is showing to prisoners through visitation, food assistance and skills training. Aimee, the MU leader, pointed out that some of the people in the prisons are those who have committed the sexual violence against the women who the MU is supporting.

It was encouraging to hear the stories of prisoners who have been transformed by the MU’s demonstration and preaching of the gospel, and we look forward to sharing some of these when we return.

Keep praying for us in the things that are to come in these last few days on this visit to Butembo.

Linda Abwa and Stewart Brennan are visiting CMSI partners in DR Congo. You can read their other blogs here.

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