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Four weeks of being in Uganda have flown by! I was really nervous about going to a new culture and rural location, but thanks to folks in the Diocese and in particular David and Heather Sharland (CMS Britain Mission Partners) who are hosting me, I have settled in really well.

The initial weeks were spent getting familiar with my new surroundings and learning how to live in a totally unfamiliar environment. Getting used to the heat, sounds and sights of Arua has been interesting. On my first day, seeing a man transporting a coffin on the back of his bicycle was quite a shock ā€“ but Iā€™m learning that many things are vastly different between how things are done in N. Ireland, and how people live their lives in Uganda.

For the past two weeks, I have started teaching cookery theory as well as basic hygiene to the women of the diocese, with Rev Alice translating. This week begins the practical sessions in the kitchen, which should be interesting ā€“ with many women squeezed into a small space. Particularly interesting for me as we are cooking on charcoal and firewood!

I have no doubt that I will gain much more from the ladies in the diocese in terms of how to cook without all the usual mod cons, but hopefully, I can teach some recipes that will broaden their cooking knowledge and enable them to support their livelihoods. I know that even in the unknown, God is the one who will see me through and be with me every step of the way.

I was able to spend this last weekend with David and Heather visiting Murchison Falls Game Park which was amazing ā€“ a once in a lifetime opportunity to see African animals up close.

David and Heather will be visiting Rwanda for the next month, so I will be on my own staying at their wee guesthouse, with the night watchman keeping me safe. I have particularly appreciated having Heather around to guide me through the adjustments of living here, she has been fantastic. Particularly as she grew up only a few miles from my own hometown. God is amazing at connecting people!

Andrea was chatting to CMSI’s Personnel Manager, Gillian Maganda, who pulled together these highlights. Andrea then sent the following update on 24th October:

Today was my first practical with the girls and it was fantastic! The girls were easy to learn and even listened to me and they did the cooking. We made omelettes and they ate them – although I acted as chief taster. It was mighty hot, so I’m home and showered and I’m buzzing.

Andrea Givans is undergoing a 10-week STEP (Short-Term Experience Placement) in Uganda. You can read her other blog posts here

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