Graduation Day

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Wednesday 15th November

Today saw the graduation of the girls that I have been teaching and what a day we had.

All 14 of the girls were involved in the day. They split into groups and decided which tasks they would undertake. They made chappati and moringa sauce, potato bread and omelettes and fresh finger rolls.

The honoured guests were Canon Isaac and his wife Jessica, Richard, who is the principal of Vocational Training Centre, Bernard, who drove me everywhere to get all the ingredients and supplies, and myself.

To say I am proud of the girls is an understatement. When I started with them five weeks ago, they had no idea how to handle a knife, so to watch them today preparing and cooking the food was truly fulfilling. I really realised today that I have made a small difference in Arua and to these girls’ lives. Part of the teaching was how to lay a table properly for guests and they did an outstanding job.

After lunch, I had a surprise for them : tea and cake. They were so happy and so was I when I saw the appreciation they had. Canon Isaac presented them with certificates and Richard give them all a present which I had bought for them. In the tidy up afterwards, we even got the tablecloths washed and hung out to dry.

It has been a tiring day in the heat but so worthwhile.

Andrea Givans

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Jenny Christie said Thu, 16 Nov 2017 09:52AM
Lovely blog, Andrea and so wonderful to see how happy the students were with their new-found skills. Really delighted this has been such a highlight for you. Keep 'er lit xoxoxo
Paul Ferguson said Wed, 22 Nov 2017 11:23AM
Well done Andrea ..... and well done to your students. Graduation ceremonies are a big thing and you all seem to have enjoyed the day. The surprise tea and cake will have gone down well and the presents is a wonderful thought. It is great to know that you stay safe and well. You are much in our thoughts and prayers. You will soon be thinking about travelling home and we look forward to hearing your stories. The family back home will be getting excited blessings Paul

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