Oloosuyian School Visit

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Friday 17th November

The roads around Kajiadio are rough- dog rough. We frequently moan about Connemara roads. They have nothing on Kenyan roads. We set off from the Kajiadio compound for the half hour drive to Oloosuyian School in two 4×4s. And from gate to gate bumped, shook, vibrated and jolted over what can only be described as dirt tracks. Deep ruts in many places meant that the Land Rover I was in was frequently canted at a most alarming angle. In other places the road had been virtually washed away, crevasse where there should been driveable surface. But we made it and we’re given the grand tour of the school by Joyce, the principal.

First was the dormitory block with the ablutions areas, showers, wash handbasins and toilets that TKA had so generously contributed to. They are very basic. Neither the toilet cubicles nor the showers had any doors. But they are there and they are serviceable. They lend a modicum of comfort to the girls lives even though they lack a certain dignity.

The dorms too are basic. Neither plaster nor paint on the walls and just bare concrete floors. But they do their job.

We were told that even these meagre facilities have contributed enormously to the lives of the girls who board there in order to receive an education.

At present there are 140 girls in residence. The school could take in more but for that to happen, more classroom accommodation would be required. Only the examination year was there when we visited and they were all cheerful and appeared to be happy. The cost of running the school for a year is the equivalent of about €60,000. That’s roughly what it would cost to send just 4 or 5 of our children to one of our own secondary schools. Sobering thought!

Our day finished here with night prayers and a short reflection led by Doris who offered thanks and thoughts for the Gift of Sight.

There are good things happening in Kajiadio. And the Church is at the heart of a lot of them, serving God in serving others. And TKA is part of that.

Tomorrow, we embark on the great trek into the bush as we head for Oltiasika for a six hour journey on what we have been assured will be even worse roads than we experienced today. Internet coverage varies from poor to non existent in the bush so it might be a few days until the next update.

One last thing; the food here is great and there’s plenty of it!

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